Are All Virtual Book Tours the Same?

The Difference Between virtual tours and our Virtual Book Tours group:

A virtual book tour is a means of getting your book visible. It is a means of promotion. While it is only one strategy in a marketing plan, it does help make readers aware of you and your works. It is also a helpful tool in drawing traffic to your site.

With most virtual book tours, you ask a blogger to host you. Or, you may be asked by a blogger to visit their site as a guest. There are many bloggers who are looking for content for their blogs and hosting an author is great content. There are also some organized tours in which you make the rounds (usually for a week of other specified amount of time) as a guest on several blogger sites in a circuit tour. These types of tours may be initiated by a publisher, promoter, or the authors themselves. While these circuit tours do produce a wider range of visibility, it is for a specific amount of time.

It's true that these tours are a useful way to help bring you and your book/works into the limelight, but they are limited. You continually need to look for opportunities to be a guest on bloggers' sites. Depending on how large your network is, this can become a little challenging. In addition to this, I'm sure your goal is to sell your book for as long as you can - this means ONGOING promotion.

This is where Virtual Book Tours is different. Imagine having the ability to be a guest on other authors' sites on a regular basis - having guaranteed exposure every month, without the burden of finding bloggers who are willing to host you. In addition to this you won't have to find host sites that have good reputations and have a decent amount of traffic. Well, the Virtual Book Tours group is one of the only groups I know of that offers this type of exposure.

Virtual Book Tours is a group of 30 authors. Included in our group is a publisher of children's books; an editor; a coach and teacher of writing for children and freelance writing; a marketing guru; and an array of wonderful, and some well known, authors. What's great about this group is that we cover a wide range of writing genres - from ghostwriting to poetry. This allows our books/works to be visible to a much larger audience than if we promoted within one genre.

Along with the ongoing virtual tours, Virtual Book Tours offers a couple of other marketing tools to help promote you and your work. We have a Link Exchange, Book Reveiws (for those members who are interested), and a Library strategy. We also are constantly moving forward and always looking for new tools to create visibility and increase sales.

One of Virtual Book Tours goals is to broaden our horizons by increasing membership. Since the name of the game is promotion through visibility, the more members the more visibility. This means more readers get a chance to learn about you and your book - this encourages sales.

I was going to discuss some of the procedures VBT has in place to keep things organized, but this article ended up longer than I expected. So, my next post will cover that topic.

If you are interested in joining our merry band of authors. Leave a comment with contact information.

See you in blog world,

Karen Cioffi
Facebook: Karen Cioffi-Ventrice

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