The Baby-Sitter Club Super Special #5

We're off schedule this week - we missed Tuesday's Kid's Pick Review, it's here today instead.

A VBT - Writers on the Move Kid's Pick Review:
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #5: California Girls!
Reviewed by Shakila (4th grader)

Title: The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #5: California Girls!
Author: Ann M. Martin

One day, the baby-sitter club sat and watched television for the lottery ticket. They thought they didn't win with all 6 numbers but, they got 5 of the numbers.

So they all called the phone number for the lottory ticket and they won a lot of cash. Dawn thought they could go to California for their vacation. Since it was Dawn's idea, and she is not part of the baby-sitter club, they still let her come to vacation with them.

When all of them were in the plane, in a couple of hours, they were in California. Everybody had a wonderful time. Almost all of the girls in the baby-sitting club had a wonderful job. All of the girls had time to go to the beach or send a postcard. All of the girls called and sended a post card. They remembered that how can they go back to Stoneybrook, when they just turned California girls.

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