Kid's Pick Review: So Totally Emily Ebers

We missed a week, but we're back. And, with school closing for summer vacation, the Kid's Pick Reviews may be a little scarce...we'll see.

Anyway, here we go with today's:

So Totally Emily Ebers - A Kid's Pick Review
Reviewed by: Esther (4th grader)

Title: So Totally Emily Ebers
Author: Lisa Yee

This book is about a girl named Emily Ebers, her mom and her dad. At age 12 Emily's mom separated and divorced with her dad. This caused a lot of problems for her.

After the divorce, Emily got stuck with her mom and moved with her to Pennsylvania. There they moved to a house which she called a mansion. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a first and second floor, an office, a kitchen, and a huge back yard. She absolutely did not like being with her mom, and she missed her dad.

Emily hated sports and her mom knew that, but she send her to a volleyball team. Emily hated the uniform and did not like her enemy, Jennifer and her "back up singers!" Although she hated this team, she met a girl that she got along with. Emily and her new friend became very good friends!!

This review is actually a 4 part review. The 2nd part will be posted on June 24th, and the 3rd and 4th parts will be posted on Friday, June 26th.

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