Part 2 of SoTotally Emily Ebers - A Review

So Totally Emily Ebers: A Kid's Pick Book Review
Reviewed by: Esther, a very enterprising 4th grader, wrote her review in 4 parts. Today is Part 2.

Title: So Totally Emily Ebers
Author: Lisa Yee

Last time [Part 1] we left off on Emily becoming good friends with Millicent Min. Well, after they became good friends they started hanging out a lot more! So one day they decided to have a sleepover.

Millicent went over Emily's house and they had a great time! They sang, made jewelry, watched tv, do each other's hair and then finally at 10pm, they slept. But, they didn't really sleep. They kept talking for the whole night until 11pm. Then, at 6am, they had a pillow fight. Finally, Millicent went home. Right after she got home they called each other and talked for hours! They had a great time!

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