Part 3 and 4 of: So Totally Emily Ebers - A Review

Part 3 and 4 of:

A VBT - Writers on the Move Kid's Pick Book Review
So Totally Emily Ebers
Review by: Esther (4th grader)

Title: So Totally Emily Ebers
Author: Lisa Yee


After the sleepover [Part 2], Emily and Millie (short for Millicent) went to the supermarket. It was July 3rd, and they were buying food to barbecue for the next day, July 4th. They will barbecue and throw fireworks in the sky.

That night they camped at the backyard and watched the fire works light up. They thought it was beautiful. Both of the girls ate tacos, pizza, and cheese sandwiches, two soda pops, and two cups of water. They had a great time camping outside and watching the fireworks explode!!


Last time [Part 3] we left of an when Emily and Millie camped outside watching the fireworks explode in the sky.

Well, one day, Emily and Millie went walking to the mall. They bought a lot of new clothes and shoes for special occasions. It was so fun!

There, they were talking and talking when they saw a cute boy walking towards them. They started looking at him and started talking with him. They became good friends.

That's it folks!

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