Does Sylvan Dell Publishing Have an Offer for YOU

Sometimes amazing things do happen! Sylvan Dell, in an effort to WOW you and surpass Kindle, has created a free trial eBook site with 45 of their children's books on it.

I'm so thrilled at this opportunity (a FREE trial offer) and want to pass it along to you. Don't worry, it really is a FREE trial and ends Oct. 31st. This means access to the the free trial site ENDS 10/31/09.

I read two of the ebooks to my grandson yesterday. I am just so impressed by the offer and by the formatting - it's just like having the book in hand!

But, you'll get a better idea of what it's all about if you read a portion of the Press Release:
Science and Math through Literature

Contact: Sara Dobie, Public Relations, 877-958-2600


JULY 29, 2009


Sylvan Dell’s innovative eBook format promises to improve reading speeds,
comprehension, and language learning skills

MT PLEASANT, SC - Sylvan Dell Publishing goes LIVE this week with its next generation eBook, proving the company represents “so much more than a picture book;” it represents a full-fledged campaign for literacy in America.

From Sylvan Dell publisher and co-founder Lee German: “These are the most technologically advanced eBooks in the world today, featuring Auto-Flip, Auto-Read, and Selectable Language. There is nothing even close to this on the market. Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble eBooks are not even in the same category. I encourage parents and teachers to take a test-drive and see for themselves. Let the children play with these for a few weeks, and you’ll be amazed at their excitement and improved reading performance. For children wanting to learn a foreign language or ESOL families learning English, these are phenomenal tools.”

Below is a link to a 90-day trial of all 45 Sylvan Dell eBooks:
Code expiration date: 10/31/2009

For guided directions:

“Whether in Auto-Flip or Manual Mode, switch back and forth between English and Spanish text and audio (more language choices on the way) and remain on the same page,” said German. “With the addition of Auto-Flip and Auto-Read features, our Sylvan Dell eBooks are powerful literacy and language learning tools to complement our mission of teaching ‘Science and Math Through Literature.’”

To read the entire Press Release go to: Sara Dobie

I can't rave enough about this great offer. The eBook format is amazing and very easy to use. Click HERE right now to take advantage of this unbelievable Free Trial Offer.

Talk to you soon,


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