VBT - Writers on the Move's ONE YEAR Anniversary!

I can hardly believe it - next month is our anniversary! It certainly went by fast.

To celebrate, we are going extreme: For November only, we will have a blogiversary with prizes each and every day through November 24th.

What this means is each day one member of our group will host another member. The schedule will be posted here by this weekend.

Each day, the host's site will give away a prize to one lucky commenter!

You will have your choice between a member's book, other gift, or a one day guest spot right here on the VBT site.

In addition to this, we will still have our Mystery Site Giveaway. For this special anniversary tour, the prize will be a gift card (more details to follow later).

One note: if you are a winner, you will not be eligible for a 2nd prize unless there is no other commenter on a particular day.

Everyone who visits and comments on the Mystery Site is eligible to win the Mystery Site Gift Card Prize. That will be the only prize offered that day.

Members of this group are not eligible for any prizes.

Be sure to be part of this spectacular event and comment your way to prizes!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. I can hardly wait for this to begin. So many interesting, talented and famous authors to meet and play with!

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