L.A. Festival of Books

As part of my 200 promotional strategy, I want to go far above and beyond what I acomplished in 2009. One of the events I want to be invovled with is the 2010 L.A. festival of Books event Saturday & Sunday, April 24 and 25 held on the UCLA campus.

Some of the more famous authors are among scores of others attending are :

* David Baldacci (Absolute Power is one of my all-time favorite books - movie sucked)

* Ray Bradbury (Glad he's still with us, a true American treasure)

* Mary Higgins Clark (Her books are everywhere)

* Robert Pinskey (Poet Llaurelate to the Library of Congress)

* Tori Spelling (Is she rally an author?)

* Elizabeth Taylor (Hope she brings her yorkies as we have one)

* Henry Winkler (Heeeeey!)

* Peter Yarrow (I Like Rock 'n Roll Music)

I'm looking for two people to share the cost of a booth for the two day event. If anyone would like to take me up on my offer, please reply to me at golionssss@yahoo.com.

Question Posed: Have you ever attended an event like this, big or small. Regardless of the event, please share your experiences.


  1. I have always seen the insert in the LA Times about the Festival of Books and wanted to go. Truth is I just don't get out-- seems like too much of a hassle and my wife doesn't like things like this. Maybe I'll have to reconsider this year -- especially if you're going to be there, Stephen!

    I used to like the trade shows that I would attend for the Halloween industry and other shows I've been to. The only "book" event I've visited was when I went to a forensics and communications convention that my daughter was participating in -- they had an exhibitor hall set up for publishers and others catering to the industry and I found it to be very interesting.

  2. Wow, this book festival sounds amazing! Have fun and SELL, SELL, SELL!

    Karen Cioffi


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