Write On! Online – Query Contest: “Books”

In the continuing effort to help writers jump-start their careers, Write On! Online creator Debra Eckerling is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Write On! Query Contest.

The winner in each category—Fiction and Non-Fiction—will have their query letter read by Los Angeles-based literary agent Betsy Amster. They will also receive a gift certificate from iScript. The 2nd place prizes comes from The Writers Store and author Harry Connolly, who sold his book—Child of Fire—from a query. The 3rd place prizes are courtesy of VBTers Darcía Helle, Magdalena Ball, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, and Karen Cioffi.

Authors Amy Friedman (Syndicated Columnist, “Tell Me A Story”) and Dennis Danziger (A Short History of a Tall Jew) will select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from the finalists!

There is no fee to enter this contest. Email your query to Debra@WriteOnOnline.com by Monday, May 31. Winners will be announced on Monday, June 7, on Write On! Online, and in the June Write On! Newsletter.

For complete submission details and prize information, go to Write On! Online.

A query is the letter sent to a literary agent, editor, or publisher, used to promote the project, as well as the writer. For tips on writing a good query, read the Author Q&A with The Query Queen Wendy Burt-Thomas. Non-Fiction writers, also read author Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s “Seven Rules for Writing Your Book Proposal.”

Screenwriters, your turn is coming. The Write On! Online – June Contest will be for Screenplay Queries.


  1. Sounds like an infinitely helpful contest. I congratulate you on your desire and willingness to help so many emerging authors!

  2. Thanks, K.M. Appreciate the comment. I hope to see an entry from you.


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