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Karen asked me to post an article on how to have a personalized signature for emails.

The easiest way is to click on the link at the bottom of my personal signature below:

Vivian Zabel
Experience the Emotion
Life - Mystery - Love

Coming this fall: Stolen
Contact Me FacebookTwitter
Brain Cells & Bubble Wrap Did you ever notice ...

Blogger won't allow me to paste more than one thing in this post, so I can't show my business signature, but through WiseStampSignature, a person can have two signatures.

Now, what should go in your signature? Of course your name. Also some branding information. For example, my personal motto is Experience the Emotion Life Mystery Love which I use under my name. The I added a note I want to send to everyone about my new release, with the title used as a link to the website about the novel.

With WiseStamp, one can add how to be contacted on places such as Facebook and Twitter and add the RRS for a blog.

On my business signature, under my name I have my position and the company name. The third line is our company motto: Quality books by quality authors & illustrators. The fourth line is the website for the company.

Where I was allowed to add how to contact us, I put our Facebook group page and Twitter page. I then added a RRS to my blog.

Each person must make the decision as to what information he/she wants to send to everyone. I can edit my signatures whenever I decide to, but for now I have the information in each that is the basis of my branding for myself and my company.

Whatever is included in a signature should be information that benefits the person using the signature, in a professional manner, IF the person is trying to build his/her platform.


  1. If anyone has a question, Holly Jahangiri or I will be glad to help if we can. Holly is the one who introduced me to WiseStamp.

  2. Vivian, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. This will be very useful to all of us!

  3. Oh,I added the retweet button. This is info that should be shared!

  4. Some groups I belong to only allow a certain number of lines or certain information in signatures and it's a hassle to change back and forth between different ones. Do you have any suggestions about how to handle this problem?

  5. Have two signatures, one with the limited number of lines, one without. I change back an forth easily with the company I use for my signatures: right click, choose signature, click.


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