Writing Books - Is There Money in It?

By Karen Cioffi

In the marketing arena, one of the messages conveyed is that unless you're a major author with a tremendous amount of sales, you will not get rich from writing books. You may not even be able to make a living. But, you should still strive to get published because it does open some doors, and allows for alternative means of income.

How does an author create a living out of writing?

Well, whether you're in the process of writing a book, in the process of having a book published, or your book is already available for sale, there are a few strategies writers can use to supplement their income, or create a living from writing:

1. Create e-books and offer them for sale. If you're a fiction writer, write about elements of writing, the process, the pit falls, the publishing process, your marketing strategies, and so on. Write what you know.

2. If you have interests other than the fiction you write, capitalize on them also. Maybe, you're a great cook, write about cooking. If you have an interest in health, do the research and write about it.

It's easy to create an ebook with images. Then publish it on Kindle, Lulu.com, Smashwords.com, or other such service.

If you're willing to invest in a clickbank account or another of these types of services, you can find affiliates to help you sell your e-books.

3. Don't forget this ONE essential strategy that all writers need to utilize: Write articles, research appropriate magazines and submit, submit, submit - if you don't submit your work, you will not get published, or earn an income from your writing. And, as stated above, being published does matter; it opens up doors and opportunities that may not otherwise be open.

4. If you're writing nonfiction, think spin-offs. You can create journals, and even videos for sale.

5. Look into selling through catalogs.

6. Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, seek out corporations or businesses that may be interested in your topic. For example: I wrote a bed time story and my writing coach, suggested I look into children's stores (furniture, clothing, toys, etc.) to see if they'd be interested in buying in bulk to offer the book to their clients for sale or as giveaways.

7. If you're published, offer teleclasses or coaching. This is one of those opportunities that will work better if you're published.

8. Promote, Promote, Promote!

These are a few of the strategies you can use to generate income from writing.

Tip: Remember to be focused and research your target market.



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Information About Wrting, Marketing, and Books Through October

It’s amazing how quickly summer ended and fall began. But, no matter what the season, we have a group of talented writers who provide great information about writing, marketing, and books.

So, take a gander at the schedule below. Each day in October a different author and information will be presented. Just follow the schedule and click on the corresponding day.

Off we go.

The October 2010 Author Tour Schedule:

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2nd Kathy Stemke is featuring Donna McDine
3rd Nancy Famolari is featuring Virginia Grenier
4th Margaret Fieland is featuring Robert Medak
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15th Debra Eckerling is featuring Helena Harper
16th Dallas Woodburn is featuring Martha Swirzinski
17th Maggie Ball is featuring Karen Cioffi
18th Virginia Grenier is featuring Margaret Fieland
19th Janet Ann Collins is featuring Dallas Woodburn
20th Marietta Taylor is featuring Kevin McNamee
21st Kari Wolfe is featuring Darcia Helle
22nd Robert Medak is featuring Elysabeth Eldering
23rd Stephen Tremp is featuring Dianne Sagan
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26th Mayra Calvani is featuring Shelby Patrick

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Write On! Online - Short Fiction & Non-Fiction/Essay Query Contest

Remember those article and short-story queries you promised yourself you would submit this year? Now, you have an extra reason to sit down and work on them: The Write On! September Challenge: Short Fiction & Non-Fiction/Essay Query Contest. A query is the letter sent to a publication, used to sell an article, short story, or essay, as well as the writer.

Author Wendy Burt-Thomas, The Writers Digest Guide to Query Letters, will select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from the finalists!


First Prize: A medium-length (or 21,000 word) one-reader iScript (an iScript is a digital recording of a manuscript, read by an actor)

Second Prize: A 20-minute writing-coaching session with Debra Eckerling, Write On Track LA via Skype or phone

Third Prize, eBooks, courtesy of VBT: Writers on the Move’s Carolyn Howard-Johnson (author of the acclaimed HowToDoItFrugally series): The Frugal Editor and The Great First Impression Book Proposal.

There is no fee to enter this contest. Email your query to Debra@WriteOnOnline.com by Thursday, September 30. Winners will be announced on Write On! Online on Monday, October 11, and in the Write On! October Newsletter.

For complete submission details and prize information, go to Write On! Online.