Walking Through Walls Cover Finalized

Yipee!!! I have the perfect cover, designed by Aidana WillowRaven, for Walking Through Walls.

Walking Through Walls is based on an ancient Chinese tale and set in the 16th Century China.  It is about a 12-year-old boy named Wang who dreams of becoming rich, powerful and feared.  He studies the legend of the Eternals, a group of mystics who are known and feared for their amazing magical feats.  When he is sure they are real, he journeys to their home in the Loa Mountain and begins an apprenticeship with the Master Eternal.

Walking Through Walls should be available March 2011.I'll keep updates coming, and will let you know when presales through 4RV Publishing are available.

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  1. Beautiful picture! Isn't it exciting when you see just the right images come together to represent your writing?

  2. Hi, K.M.,

    Absolutely! Thanks for leaving a comment.


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