Writing, Marketing, and Books - A June 2011 Tour

Well, this is the last tour Writers on the Move will be having. This is not to say we won’t highlight each other occasionally or highlight other writers and authors, but as a marketing strategy the tours are over – for now anyway. You just never know where the marketing trend will take you.

Marketing is an ever-evolving strategy. New ideas, sites, networking avenues, trends, and technology keep the marketing game in constant motion. If as writers we don’t evolve with it, we’ll be left behind.

So, after a two month hiatus (July and August), to take a well deserved break, we’ll be back in September with featured informational articles on an almost daily basis.

Our members will be covering the majority of the month, but if you would like to contribute a well structured and informative article to be featured on the Writers on the Move’s site, please send it to:
KarenCioff (at) ymail (dot) com

And, be sure to check out our Workshop Page; we’ll be having another workshop on June 24th at 7PM, EST (U.S.). The shop will be on Creating an Ebook.

Also, during our hiatus members will still be posting to this site, so please stop by often.

Okay, now on to the tour:

We have a great information packed June tour, so please be sure to follow along . . . and we’d love for you to comment.

Our June feature article is “Buzz About Twitter” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, to be posted June 16th. Check the schedule below.

Writers on the Move June 2011 Tour

1st Karen Cioffi is featuring Heather Paye
2nd Kathy Stemke is featuring Jenny Wylie
3rd Margaret Fieland is featuring Debra Eckerling
4th Carolyn Howard-Johnson is featuring Joe Dadich
5th Stephen Tremp is featuring Elysabeth Eldering
6th Debra Eckerling is featuring Robert Medak
7th Martha Swirzinski is featuring Maggie Ball
8th Heidi Thomas is featuring Donna McDine
9th Dallas Woodburn is featuring Jennifer Gladen
10th Maggie Ball is featuring Martha Swirzinski
11th Kevin McNamee is featuring Mari Taylor
12th Elysabeth Eldering is featuring Kevin McNamee
13th Marietta Taylor is featuring Margaret Fieland
14th Robert Medak is featuring Kathy Stemke
15th Donna McDine is featuring Karen Cioffi
16th Shelby Patrick is featuring Carolyn Howard-Johnson
17th Jennifer Gladen is featuring Shelby Patrick
18th Jennifer Wylie is featuring Dallas Woodburn
19th Joe Dadich is featuring Heidi Thomas
20th Heather Paye is featuring Stephen Tremp

We hope to see you in the tour!

Karen Cioffi
Author, Ghostwriter, Freelance writer, and
Acquisitions Editor Intern for 4RV Publishing

Member of the Professional Writers Alliance, the International Association of Professional Ghostwriters, and the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors.

Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/karencioffiventrice
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KarenCV
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kcioffiventrice


  1. Even though I'm not part of this writing tour this month (miss you guys), I'll be following along. I really enjoy with I can host, but I'll be reading each blog when I get a free minute and I hope to be back hosting next month.

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