Ebook Workshop Aftertalk

I think I made up a new word, "aftertalk," not sure. :)

Down to business: Last night, June 24th, I presented the How to Create an Ebook and What Your Can Do With It workshop, and if I say so myself, it offered a great deal of information. But, since we went past the hour and I still didn't get everything in, I wrote a post that will publish on Monday, June 27th at:

Check below for the post topics.

Also, I want to thank Elysabeth Eldering for moderating and copying the workshop chat for me. And, I'd like to thank all the attendees who took the time to join in.

For those who registered to attend, whether you actually made it to the chat or not, if you'd like the transcript of the workshop please email me at: karencioffi(AT)ymail - (DOT) - com and put "Workshop transcript" in the subject box.

After Workshop Package

Also, as soon as I can prepare it, there will be a "After Workshop Package" for anyone who is interested in purchasing it. The package will include the ebook How to Create an Ebook and What You Can Do With It, the transcript of the workshop which has A LOT MORE information not included in the ebook, and if I get around to it, a podcast of information from the ebook and the transcript.

I'll have more info on that when I get the package prepared.

Now on to some of the information in the workshop and additional information on publishing your own ebook that will be in Monday's post.

What is the purpose of creating an ebook?

• To provide a solution to a person’s problem, need, or want.
• To create a free gift, ethical bribe, to entice readers to subscribe to your newsletter.
• To offer for free and allow reprinting (passed on), letting it go viral. This increases your visibility and expert status.
• To offer for sale on your site or through sites such as Kindle and Smashwords, and/or to sell through services like Amazon’s CreateSpace as a physical book.

Other topics in the post are:

What Qualifies You to Write an Ebook? Are You an Expert?
Is it worth it to create ebooks?
Places to publish and/or promote your ebooks (most for free)

Photographer: renjith krishnan (Free Digital Photos)
Writing Articles:

Writing Elements: Is There a Right Mix?
Creating and Beefing up Conflict
Freelance Writing – An Additional Path to Income
Article Directories and Ghostwriters – Strategies to Save You Time



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  1. I'm a BIG believer in making teacher guides to go with my books.

    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker
    Children's Author of Stella the Fire Farting Dragon (April 2011)

  2. Karen, thanks for teaching the workshop!

  3. Hi, J.Aday. Teacher guides are a great use for an ebooks.

    Susanne, thanks for attending!


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