August 2011 Writers on the Move Workshop: Using PayPal BUY Buttons

We've got another GREAT workshop scheduled in August. Be sure to sign up early!

PLEASE NOTE there is a last minute change, the workshop will be held on Monday, August 15th, same time, same place.

Maggie Ball will teach us how to use Buy Buttons on our own sites to sell products we created! And, it's FREE!

Title: How to Create PayPal Buttons and Accept PayPal Payments on Your Own Site
Presented by: Maggie Ball
Date: August 15, 2011
Time: 7 PM EST (U.S.)
Format: Live Chat
Moderator: Karen Cioffi

Have you ever wanted to take payments on your blog or website? Do you want to create PayPal buttons or learn about other ways to accept one or recurrent payments, small or large?

This free course provides an inside perspective on turning your booklets, e-books, and documents into sellable items, with no cost, and very little effort. You'll learn about setting up "buy it now" buttons, creating options for shopping carts, installment plans, donations, gift vouchers, and subscriptions, managing payments by email, and even how to send out refunds.

To register, email Maggie at: Please put "August Workshop" in the subject box.

Registered attendees will receive instructions for attending. While the Writers on the Move Workshops are FREE, your email address will be added to the presenter's mailing list.

Registered attendees will also be provided a transcript of the chat, if requested.

We will have a After Workshop Package consisting of the related e-book (if applicable), transcript, and possibly a podcast, within a month, for those who would like to purchase it.
Once it's complete, we'll have more information about it here.

Please be sure to stop here often to find out about upcoming workshops!

We hope you find the information we provide valuable in your writing and marketing journey.

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