We're Looking for New Members!

Writers on the Move has under-gone a number of changes over the last several months and now we seem to have a very effective marketing group strategy:

Information is Power.

Since, we are gaining in visibility and readership through our blog posts and the writing and marketing workshops we offer, we've decided to open our doors to new members.

I'll answer a few of the potential questions that might come up for those who are interested in joining our 'visibility generating’ writing and marketing group:

1. Is the group membership free?


2. Do I have to be a published author to join?

No, you don't have to be a published author. You can be a writer, or an aspiring author. And, if you're published, it doesn't matter if you're traditionally published or self-published.

3. What are the requirements to being a member?

It's pretty simple - you will need to post one article per month to the group blogsite (here). That means you'll need to be a contributing author on the site - which I'll take care of. The articles should be focused on writing, book publishing, or book marketing

And, if you have something to share, you can present a Writers on the Move workshop on writing, publishing, or marketing. Participating in this feature of the group will help build your mailing list, and we offer After Workshop Packages - take a look on the related page on this site.

4. The WIIFM (What's in it for me)? In other words, What are the benefits I'll get out of joining?

Well, if you're an author, aspiring author, writer, freelance writer, ghostwriter, or other, you'll be wanting to promote either your books, e-books, articles, podcasts, workshops, teleclasses, services - you get the idea. This group gives you a platform to do just that.

Through article marketing (the posts we share on this site) and monthly workshops, Writers on the Move is gaining in visibility and readership. Joining our group will allow you to join in on the 'visibility' ride.

You have the association of other members who are all talented writers, and who are generous with their knowledge and experience.

5. Can my posts be promotion for my books? 

While you can add a bio and your books information at the end of your article, our posts are geared toward helping our readers. We want to provide information on writing, book publishing (self-publishing and traditional), and/or book marketing. Our intent is pay-it-forward and help writers on their writing journey.

Also, remember that in your bio, you can link to your site/s, your landing, or selling pages - your posts are a conduit to you and your offerings. Don't underestimate the power of article marketing!

If you have a question, that I've missed, please leave a comment or email me at karenrcfv [AT] yahoo {DOT} c o m. Please put "WOTM" in the subject box.

If you'd like to join our group, you can go to our Yahoo Group and request to join:

Or, you can email me at the email address above.

We're accepting a limited number of new members (for manageability) and not sure when the 'open door' will be closed, so if you're interested please act now.


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Until next time,

Karen Cioffi
Author, Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer

Member of the Professional Writers Alliance, the International Association of Professional Ghostwriters, and the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors.

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  1. Karen, I'd like to know more about the required articles if I signed up. How long would they be?
    Do you have any samples I can read or is this side of the site brand new? Can I adapt articles already published on my website for writers? (http://www.shirleycorder.com)
    Please reply to shirley@shirleycorder.com. Thanks.

  2. Shirley, I just found this comment. I'll be contacting you!

  3. Karen, I have the same questions as Shirley and would like a contact as well (please and thank you!).


    Thank you!


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