Nancy Famolari Asks: Are You a Real Writer?

Wow, what a powerful question! I'm sure there are tons of opinions about this, and the topic is far-reaching.

This month's VBT - Writers on the Move Viewpoint is hosted by Nancy Famolari and she poses this question.

My comment on Nancy's site:

This is such a powerful question. I think many writers don't view themselves as "real writers" unless they're accepted by traditional publishers.

The problems arises in that there are a sea of writers and only a bucket of publishers. What happens to the majority of writers who don't fit into the bucket?

I, most days, don't feel like a "real writer," but I keep plugging away!

But, there's so much more to this topic. Nancy mentions self-publishing as a means to an end and believes it's a courageous option. But, as a self-published author and a reviewer for, I need to delve into this topic a bit more.

First, I have to say there are some self-published books that are excellent. It is evident in their books that the authors followed the rules of writing and had their work professionally edited (and a reader and reviewer can certainly tell the difference). But, there are a number of authors who it appears do not even have their work proofread or even critiqued. This is where self-publishing gets into trouble.

While I think self-publishing is a great avenue for writers to get their work published, I would strongly advise to have the manuscript in a critique group, have it proofread and professionally edited.

Then, what about freelance writers who write for free online magazines or news sources, or get $2.00 to $5.00 for their articles. Do they consider themselves real writers?

Back to the original question: I think any writer who turns out a well-written and engaging book or article is a "real writer," not matter how it gets published!

That's my 2 cents!

Be sure to check out Nancy's original post.

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Viewpoint/Hot Topic

Our VBT Viewpoint segment use to be scheduled on the 10th of each month, but to make it easier for our readers to have the time to spot by for a visit, we moved it to the 2nd Sunday of each month.

So, this month's Viewpoint will be on Sunday, the 13th!

Nancy Famolari is the host and the topic is:

Are You a Real Writer?

Nancy will have definitions and anecdotes drawn from today's publishing business. Please be sure to stop by Nancy's site and let us know what you think: What makes a real writer?

Don't forget, this Sunday, the 13th.

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How to Promote an Interview with Another Author

Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by. Today’s blog reflects upon last week’s interviews between members of the Writers On The Move I’m associated with in Yahoo! Groups.

Last week we paired off, one member hosting another member of our group, posting a background on one day and interviewing each other in the second. I had a lot of fun interviewing my guest Margaret Fieland on my blog site while being interviewed by Harry Gilleland on his blog.

The purpose is to give exposure to other authors. I have an audience that is new and unique to Margaret while Harry has an audience that is new and unique to me. The end result: exposure of our books to a new group of people while providing a forum to express our successes and failures that will help other authors become successful.

For Margaret, it wasn’t enough that I merely hosted her for two days. I needed to take the initiative to promote her and her books. So this was my strategy:

* I leave her interviews up for three days
* I advertised to the other three Yahoo! Groups I belong to
* I promoted her interview via Facebook
* I promoted her interview via Twitter. What I do is take advantage of hashmarks. For example, * I advertise to my followers as well as other groups such as #write, #authors, #and poetry two or three times a day for the three days. This way, Margaret will receive exposure to literally hundreds of new people.

Harry did an absolutely awesome job interviewing and promoting me and my book Breakthrough. For those who need a model of hosting a guest blogger and doing it right, please take a few moments on click on Harry’s blogs dated September 1st and 3rd.

Let’s take a moment to look at what Harry did right (in no particular order)

* He uploaded a picture of me
* He formatted the interview questions so they are easy for the visitor to read
* He included links to purchase my book Breakthrough
* He included links for my blog and Web site
* He posted reader reviews from Barnes and Noble and Amazon
* He posted the book synopsis
* He posted the book description
* He posted a picture of the book’s dust cover

This is a model that you could certainly save to your favorites, not because my book is being promoted, but because this is an excellent example of how to host a guest blogger Harry, thanks again for a most awesome interview and bringing new traffic to my site.