February Author and Book Tour - NOT Just Your Ordinary Tour

Can you believe it? The first month of the year is just about gone. But, it’s okay, we have a great February, full of great author articles, interviews, and reviews.

If you want to learn about poetry, writing, and marketing, we have a just the writers to provide the information. Be sure to stop by each day.

Our February 2010 Author and Book Tour:

1st Dianne Sagan is hosting Vivian Zabel
2nd Karen Cioffi is hosting Margaret Fieland
3rd Kathy Stemke is hosting Dana Donovan
4th Lea Schizas is hosting Heidi Thomas
5th Vivian Zabel is hosting Lea Schizas
6th Nancy Famolari is hosting Dianne Sagan
7th Margaret Fieland is hosting Carolyn Howard-Johnson
8th Elysabeth Eldering is hosting Stephen Tremp
9th Helena Harper is hosting Dallas Woodburn
10th Liana Metal is hosting Maggie Ball
11th Carolyn Howard-Johnson is hosting Nancy Famolari
12th Gayle Trent is hosting Mayra Calvani
13th Mayra Calvani is hosting Elysabeth Eldering
14th Marvin Wilson is hosting Heather Paye
15th Stephen Tremp is hosting Marvin Wilson
16th Darcia Helle is hosting Helena Harper
17th Martha Swirzinski is hosting Gayle Trent
18th Heidi Thomas is hosting Martha Swirzinski
19th Dana Donovan is hosting Liana Metal
20th Dallas Woodburn is hosting Debra Eckerling
21st Linda Suzane is hosting Janet Ann Collins
22nd Debra Eckerling is hosting Darcia Helle
23rd Heather Paye is hosting Karen Cioffi
24th Maggie Ball is hosting Kevin McNamee
25th Kevin McNamee is hosting Linda Suzane
26th Janet Ann Collins is hosting Kathy Stemke

Be sure to stop by and check out each day's host. Our tours provide great and useful information.

Until next time,

Karen Cioffi

L.A. Festival of Books

As part of my 200 promotional strategy, I want to go far above and beyond what I acomplished in 2009. One of the events I want to be invovled with is the 2010 L.A. festival of Books event Saturday & Sunday, April 24 and 25 held on the UCLA campus.

Some of the more famous authors are among scores of others attending are :

* David Baldacci (Absolute Power is one of my all-time favorite books - movie sucked)

* Ray Bradbury (Glad he's still with us, a true American treasure)

* Mary Higgins Clark (Her books are everywhere)

* Robert Pinskey (Poet Llaurelate to the Library of Congress)

* Tori Spelling (Is she rally an author?)

* Elizabeth Taylor (Hope she brings her yorkies as we have one)

* Henry Winkler (Heeeeey!)

* Peter Yarrow (I Like Rock 'n Roll Music)

I'm looking for two people to share the cost of a booth for the two day event. If anyone would like to take me up on my offer, please reply to me at golionssss@yahoo.com.

Question Posed: Have you ever attended an event like this, big or small. Regardless of the event, please share your experiences.

Writers' Conference--No Travel, No Fees

I love to pass along frugal opportunities for writers to learn more about their craft and about promotion. I am doubly pleased to let you know about this absolutely free opportunity because I'll be conducting two seminars. Do know that all are writers are welcome. All the information you need to register is at http://www.sharingwithwriters.blogspot.com today.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Your frequent Writers on the Move contributor

The Power of Writing

Writers have made a huge difference in the history of the world. Just think of all the social changes that were influenced by information - and propaganda - that reached the people who fought for social change or had the power to change laws.

And we can, and are, making a difference, too.

It's obvious that nonfiction books and articles often provide useful information just when the readers need it, but even fiction can make a difference. Sometimes providing escape and respite from stress helps people relax and regain strength to deal with their problems. Fiction can also suggest ways to deal with problems.

When I was a kid I was a skinny, asthmatic, coward, constantly teased by the class bullies and usually living in fear. About ten years ago I went to a school reunion and was amazed that people remembered me as brave. I remembered several times when I'd stood up for what was right even though doing so could have gotten me into trouble, and realized I'd done so because in all the books I'd read the protagonists acted like that. I guess I assumed that was the only alternative. Those books changed me and perhaps the way I acted as a result made other changes.

What are some ways your writing can make a difference?

Writers to Support Troops with Free E-Books

As many of you know, my grandson is back now from two tours of duty in Iraq and is now stationed (very luckily) near Monterrey, CA. Thus, the plight of our troops is a subject near and dear to my heart. My poetry writing partner Magdalena Ball and I are giving away e-copies of our chapbook of unconventional love poetry Cherished Pulse to 'our' troops overseas as part of Operation e-book drop. We hope it will help them celebrate our holiday of love and express our love to them. We figured that many other writers would want to do the same with their books. Find the links and more information of how to partner with Smashwords.com to participat at www.sharingwithwriters.blogspot.com.

If you prefer to send a real copy to someone--maybe a soldier--that is easy, too. It is only $6.95 on Amazon, certainly a doable gift. (The Amazon Link is in this post.) It makes a really beautiful gift with Vicki Thomas’s artwork and you can make it even prettier by tying a slender satin ribbon in the book's crease as a bookmark. Go to .

Carolyn Howard-Johnson wrote the foreword for Eric Dinyer's book of patriotic quotations, Support Our Troops, published by Andrews McMeel. Part of the proceeds for the book benefit Fisher House. Her chapbook of poetry won the Military Writers Society of America's award of excellence. Find it at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1599240173/. Her novel, collection of creative nonfiction and much of her poetry is informed by interest in leading the world toward acceptance of one another. Find her web page dedicated to tolerance at http://www.carolynhowardjohnson.redenginepress.com/tolerence_and_utah_links.htm. If your Twitter followers would be interested, please pass this on to them using this widget:

Writers Unite to Support Haiti

This just came to me from Lillian Cauldwell. She is sponsoring a way for authors, poets and other artists to contribute spiritually and financially to Haiti:

On Saturday, January 16, Lillian Cauldwell is sponsoring a Mixed Media event at PIVTR LIVE airwaves to raise monies for the Haitian children.

Programming runs from 2 to 4 p.m. est . Spots are 10 minutes!!

Please reserve a spot to recite poetry, read a short-short story, sing a song or sing-along with me, tell jokes, share a thought or opinion to help raise monies for these kids who are hungry, in need of medical care, clothing, water and the basic necessities especially if they're parnets are missing or died.

All proceeds go to Mission Socorro. (More on how Mission Socorro will use the proceeds below).

Contact Info: Lillian Cauldwell; 734-827-9407; lillian.cauldwell@gmail.com

"Creator" Cauldwell
Voices of the People - United We Roar!

This is information on the organization to which Mission Socorro sends its donations for the Haitian children.

Bethany International is responding to the tragedy in Haiti in several ways. We will send our first relief team to Haiti in six weeks. Two more teams will follow. We welcome you to join one of these teams.

What to Do?
Bethany now oversees a ministry called Short-Term Evangelical Missions (STEM). STEM has sent 115 teams to Haiti over its 20-year history. In light of this, we believe we have a very good awareness of where the teams can go and what they can do once they are in Haiti.

You can learn more about the teams here: http://www.stemintl.org/trips/opportunities/teams/locations/haiti_restoration

No Gift Too Small
A second way to become involved is through a financial gift. Team members, while they raise their own support for the trip, will need materials and supplies. This will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. You can make an online gift today toward this relief effort. To do this, go to
https://secure.bethanyinternational.org/donate/index.php. Gifts to the Haiti Relief Initiative are the last option.

Bethany International
6820 Auto Club Road, Suite M, Bloomington, MN 55438

If you are interested in donating to an organization likely to get out immediate relief, you can also easily donate to one of my favorites, The Clinton Foundation.

Posted by your frequent VBT blogger Carolyn Howard-Johnson, www.howtodoitfrugally.com and blogging writers resources at Writer's Digest 101 Best Website pick www.sharingwithwriters.blogspot.com