Writer's on the Move's September 2010 Tour Schedule

Well, we're back, and better than ever. We have a couple of new members also. As part of our author group, we try to provide our readers with writing and marketing information as well as updates, information, and reviews on great books.

Each day in September a different author and information will be presented. Just follow the schedule and click on the corresponding day.

So, stay tuned, we start September 1st.

Here's our September 2010 Author Tour Schedule:

1st Karen Cioffi is featuring Donna McDine
2nd Kathy Stemke is featuring Virginia Grenier
3rd Nancy Famolari is featuring Robert Medak
4th Margaret Fieland is featuring Jane Sutton
5th Dianne Sagan is featuring Marietta Taylor
6th Elysabeth Eldering is featuring Janet Ann Collins
7th Helena Harper is featuring Debra Eckerling
8th Carolyn Howard-Johnson is featuring Helena Harper
9th Heather Paye is featuring Dianne Sagan
10th Marvin Wilson is featuring Kari Wolfe
11th Stephen Tremp is featuring Nancy Famolari
12th Darcia Helle is featuring Dallas Woodburn
13th Martha Swirzinski is featuring Stephen Tremp
14th Debra Eckerling is featuring Maggie Ball
15th Heidi Thomas is featuring Heather Paye
16th Dallas Woodburn is featuring Gary Murning
17th Maggie Ball is featuring Brigitte Thompson
18th Virginia Grenier is featuring Karen Cioffi
19th Janet Ann Collins is featuring Margaret Fieland
20th Katie Hines is featuring Martha Swirzinski
21st Brigitte Thompson is featuring Kevin McNamee
22nd Marietta Taylor is featuring Darcia Helle
23rd Kari Wolfe is featuring Marvin Wilson
24th Jane Sutton is featuring Jessica Kennedy
25th Gary Murning is featuring Katie Hines
26th Jessica Kennedy is featuring Elysabeth Eldering
27th Robert Medak is featuring Carolyn Howard-Johnson
28th Kevin McNamee is featuring Heidi Thomas
29th Kim Rapier is featuring Kathy Stemke
30th Donna McDine is featuring Kim Rapier


Until next time,

Karen Cioffi
Author, Ghostwriter, Freelance writer, Reviewer

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Karen Cioffi Writing for Children & More

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It's official!! The Golden Pathway is NOW available:

It's official!! The Golden Pathway is NOW available:

Title: The Golden Pathway

Written by: Donna McDine

Illustrated by: K.C. Snider

Ages: 8-12

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

Hardcover: ISBN: 978-1-61633-081-1; 1616330813

Soft cover: ISBN: 978-1-61633-088-0; 1616330880

eBook: ISBN: 978-1-61633-082-8; 1616330821

Published: August 2010


Raised in a hostile environment where abuse occurs daily, David attempts to break the mold and befriends the slave, Jenkins, owned by his Pa. Fighting against extraordinary times and beliefs, David leads Jenkins to freedom with no regard for his own safety and possible consequences dealt out by his Pa.

Author: Donna McDine http://www.donnamcdine.com/

Artist: K. C. Snider http://www.kcsniderart.com/

Ordering information:

Guardian Angel Publishing: http://www.guardianangelpublishing.com/pathway.htm

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Golden-Pathway-Donna-M-McDIne/dp/1616330880/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1282836673&sr=1-1 

Your First-Person Essay or Memoir

Just dropping in to let you know about the new review I just posted at http://thenewbookreview.blogspot.com/2010/08/your-first-person-essay-or-memoir-your.html . Writers will want to know about this book, they should also know about The New Book Review. It's open to all books, all reviewers. Guidelines for submissions are in the left column.

My best to all of you VBT subscribers!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Indie-Debut 2010 Interview Feature with C. Lee McKenzie, The Write Game

M E D I A  R E L E A S E

CONTACT: Donna M. McDine

Children’s Author

Email: dmcdine@optonline.net

Phone: 845-721-7802

For Immediate Release

Indie-Debut 2010 Interview Feature with C. Lee McKenzie, The Write Game

The Write Game http://writegame.blogspot.com/ hosted by C. Lee McKenzie is your one stop place to learn about up and coming debut writers in various genres. McKenzie is quite the accomplished author with several middle grade and young adult books to her credit, coupled with her experience teaching inter-cultural English and studies in American Language at San Jose State University. This makes for the perfect visit for the authors of Indie-Debut 2010 http://indiedebut2010.blogspot.com/.

Come along for this intriguing interview on Thursday, August 19 at http://writegame.blogspot.com/ and meet:

Lori Calabrese, The Bug That Plagued the Entire Third Grade

Danika Dinsmore, Brigitta of the White Forest

Donna McDine, The Golden Pathway

Jo Ramsey, Connection

Beth Reinke, In My Bath

Be sure to leave a comment and or question, each author will check in throughout the day to field your comments and questions. Visitors participating in the contest point system please see further details within the Indie-debut 2010 interview. Don’t miss out on the chance to win a special giveaway tote bag with special treats.

Thank you in advance for your interest.


Authors Den Announces New Perk for Authors at Their Den!

This is news I think our VBT subscribers and visitors will like, Karen! (-:

I have been a member of Authors Den (AD) for about eight or nine years. At first I just loved their free (very frugal!) way for a new author to have a Web site. Then I started using their Gold membership to publish my newsletter.

I'm not much of a date keeper but that newsletter (It goes by the same name as this blog--branding you know!) has been around for some years now! I recommended it in my The Frugal Book Promoter, of course. And I've even partnered with Authors Den at the LA Times/UCLA Writers' Faire. Cross promotion always has its advantages, but it is an especially good marketing tool when one partners with those who already have lots of contacts and a great reputation.

The point of all this is that AD has some news. And I sure love spreading good news--especially when it comes from people I feel great about recommending. My AD friend Matt Miller writes:

"The AuthorsDen Services Marketplace is Open for Business!

"AuthorsDen.com, an online literary community established in 2000, has seen the toll researching the diverse components of the book industry has taken on writers. As a result, we recently launched the AuthorsDen Community MarketPlace...

"The MarketPlace brings together authors and community service providers to create a more artful product. It looks as if it will save us authors some promotion time. Find it at

I can hardly wait to try all its features. Check it out for yourself. And while you're poking around, look at the different membership levels. At a bare minimum sigh up for the free level. Even if you have a Web site of your own, all those outside links coming back to your Web site make for very good Web site opitmizaton (SEO). And it is great backup when your server gives you fits. And, think of the networking opportunities among your fellow AD authors!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson guest posts today for VBT. Carolyn is author of This Is the Place; Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered; Tracings, a chapbook of poetry; and how to books for writers including, The Frugal Book Promoter: How To Do What Your Publisher Won't; The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success; and Great Little Last Minute Editing Tips for Writers . She is also the author of the Amazon Short, "The Great First Impression Book Proposal". She has three FRUGAL books for retailers including A Retailer’s Guide to Frugal In-Store Promotions: How To Increase Profits and Spit in the Eyes of Economic Downturns with Thrifty Events and Sales Techniques. Some of her other blogs are TheNewBookReview.blogspot.com, a blog where authors can recycle their favorite reviews. She also blogs at all things editing, grammar, formatting and more at The Frugal, Smart and Tuned-In Editor . If your followers at Twitter would benefit from this blog post, please use the little Green widget to let them know about this blog:

A Quick Guide to Narrative Writing

"So what happened?"

When someone asks you that, what do you say? You respond by telling a story - when it happened, where it happened, how it happened and why it happened.

This is what we call narration.

If descriptive writing aims to appeal to your reader's five senses, narrative writing aims to tell an event that occurred by providing details.

Description and narration, when used correctly in writing, greatly contribute to a story's success.

Ingredients for an effective (good) narration

1. Supply all significant details or events. They are important in building up and supporting your main idea or story.

2. Flush out insignificant details. Don't start talking about how expensive your cousin's lipstick is if you're narrating her job interview disaster.

3. Narrate in a logical and organized way. Don't go from one detail to the next without providing any obvious transitions to aid comprehension.

4. Pace your narration. Don't let it drag. Otherwise, you'll risk boring your readers.

5. Make a point or lead to a conclusion.

Your Narrative Detail

What should you include in your narration? It's always effective to begin by identifying the who, what, when, where, why and how.

However, some writers get carried away and end up including too many details to suit their readers.

Instead of overcrowding your narrative with details, decide which ones are vital to your story, which ones you should emphasize, and which ones are minor but significant details.

Your Readers Influence Your Narrative

Your target readers largely determine the details you include in your narration.

Ask yourself -

1. Who would be likely to read my story?

2. Who could benefit and/or learn from my story?

3. Who are the people I'd like to share my story with?

Arranging Your Details and Using Conversation

The most logical way to present details in your story is by chronologically narrating them. However, it's also possible to begin your narrative using flash back and other similar literary devices. The important thing is that your narrative is cohesive and the details are organized.

Dialogues enhance and advance the meaning of your story so don't be afraid to include them in your narrative.

Now It's Your Turn

Now it's your turn. Write short narratives using the following prompts -

1. a memorable event

2. the strangest thing you've experienced

3. what happened to you earlier today

4. an embarrassing moment

5. your birthday last year

About Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ: Shery is the creator of WriteSparks!™- a software that generates over 10 *million* Story Sparkers for Writers. Download WriteSparks!™ Lite for free at http://writesparks.com