Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Helena Harper: Family and More - Enemies or Friends?

I recently read Helena Harper's Family and More - Enemies or Friends? and am pleased to post my review on VBT - Writers on the Move. Helena is a member of our merry band!

Family and More – Enemies or Friends? is more than a collection of poems, it is a story I enjoyed and learned from. As you read this book it becomes clear that the author put a great deal of time and effort into the choice of every word used. Each poem has a melodic flow that moves smoothly into the next.

Family and More enlightens the reader to the conflicts and confusion that exist in a family divided by war. Being the child of a German mother and English father in the aftermath of WWII, the author delves into her family’s history by examining the lives of several family members as well as other personal relationships. Each poem is an intertwined life. With descriptive imagery these people come alive; you see their struggles and triumphs.

This wonderful poetic story goes beyond a family history; it depicts the futility, frustration and hardship of war, along with the frailties and strengths of the people that make up each of our families.

Family and More – Enemies or Friends? is a beautifully written book. I highly recommend it.

You can contact Helena at: webmaster@helenaharper.com

To learn more you can visit Helena at:

Author's website: http://www.helenaharper.com

Karen Cioffi


  1. Helena, it is a pleasure to find you here. It has been a pleasure to work with a fellow poet, too.
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Award-winning poet, www.carolynhoward-johnson.com

  2. Terrific review. Best wishes for huge sales.

    Donna McDine

  3. Carolyn and Donna, thanks for stopping by. This is a great book! I never thought of the impact a situation like this would have on a family and child. It was very interesting. Being done through smoothly connected poems made it that more brilliant.


  4. Carolyn and Donna, thank you so much for your comments and Karen, many thanks for your review. I am so pleased you enjoyed!


  5. Great Review Karen, and great book Helena!
    I wish you every success!


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