Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Year's Resolution

The Christmas lights are hung, presents under the tree, fireplace is lit...

What a grand setting. Peaceful. Joyous. Serene.

Then you remember an upcoming New Year's resolution will mark a fresh beginning. But WHAT!!! What will that resolution be?

Hold on...let's see:

1- To keep the house clean

2- To never buy frozen meals again

3- To be up-to-date with the laundry and never EVER lose another of hubby's socks or underwear

4- To let the kids clean up their own rooms

5- To be kinder when friends and family call

6- To help my kids with anything they want, like mind their three dogs more often

7- To avoid saying no right away when a friend asks to go shopping

8- To tell the truth to mom when she asks if I cleaned the house today

So many choices...then again...

1- The house will get dirty the next day

2- Frozen meals have helped save the day

3- Wearing odd pair of socks is not a bad thing as long as you keep your ankles well-hidden

4- I'll shut the kids doors...who's gonna know how dirty their rooms are?

5- My family and friends can call me after supper

6- I raised my family

7- I hate shopping so unsure why I would vow to go shopping in the first place

8- What's the point of telling mom the truth about the house. I'll keep on lying.

There, that helps. I'll stick with my usual New Year's resolution:

To do my best in anything that I do!

Safe for another year.

Lea Schizas


  1. Great minds think alike Lea. Life's too short for nonsence. Love your attitude!

  2. I agree with you. Let's do our best and the the chips fall where they may. About the house mom used to say she gave it a lick and a promise.

  3. Yep--do your best--that's all any of us can actually promise :-) Thanks for putting things in perspective, Lea :-)

  4. LOL. Oh, darn it, now I have to work on mine ...

  5. LOL, We think alike. I learned a long time ago not to set myself up for failure. I commit to what I know I can achieve with some hard work. And my rule about the kids' room is that I have to be able to walk through it w/o hurting myself!

  6. My daughter came up with a sign that I now have posted over the computer.
    "I can't do everything-- so I will do the one thing that will make the most difference."

    I think that and Order will be my New Year resolutions.

  7. This is good. I'll have to remember it. :)

  8. heheheh what a great blog...and a great ultimate resolution! Couldn't have said it better Leah!

  9. What an honest and keep-able resolution.

  10. Hmm, I haven't finished mine yet. Think I'll add that to mine, too.

    Thanks for the giggle. I needed that.


  11. You crack me up...what a great list!

    Best wishes for a blessed new year,

  12. Hey, Lee,
    Thanks for getting us to laugh at ourselves, accept our foibles, share our joys, and release ourselves from the internal editor until it's time to revise our life script.

    Hugs and best wishes for the New Year of your dreams (no, not nightmares, those yummy dreams, please :)

  13. I love your list. LOL

    Happy New Year,

  14. Lea, I empathize with making impossible resolutions. This year, I'm trying to be more realistic, and I'm reading my few resolutions daily to keep them on the brain!

  15. a great ultimate resolution! Couldn't have said it better Leah!

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  16. Hugs and best wishes for the New Year of your dreams (no, not nightmares, those yummy dreams, please :)
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