VBT - Writers on the Move September 1st Countdown

Well, it's almost here...September 1st. I thought I'd post a couple of reminders:

1. The tour schedule for September 1st and 3rd, is in the August 24th post, just scroll down a bit.

2. We've added a new tweak to the Mystery Site Giveaway: the winner now has a choice between the Mystery Site host's book, and a guest visit on this site. If you're an author or promoting something, this is a great opportunity!

All you have to do is visit our members' sites during the tour and leave comments. You can pick and choose a couple of members if you can't get to each member - YOU MAY BE LUCKY!

3. On September 10th, Nancy Famolari is hosting the VBT - Writers on the Move Viewpoint/Hot Topic. Each month we have an interesting, educational, or volatile topic; stop on by and put your 2 cents in.

4. We're always looking for new members to broaden our visibility and readership- if you're interested you can email me at: karenrcfv@yahoo.com. Please put "VBT-VBT" in the subject line.

Well, that's it for now,
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Promotion Through Visibility with VBT - Writers on the Move

Do you scratch your head and wonder what you can do to increase the visibility of your book? Do you wonder how you can get your name and site in the search engines on a regular basis? Well, virtual book tours can help in that area.

Check out our article at Associated Content:


The September Tour Schedule is HERE!

It's that time of year again, school will soon be opening. It's also another tour for VBT - Writers on the Move. We have a wonderful group of talented authors who are sharing more than just bios and promos - we also share articles on writing, marketing, and more.

September is the month we begin our new feature to the VBT - Writers on the Move Mystery Site Give-away: Each month, the winner will have the choice of receiving the Mystery Site Host's book or a guest spot HERE! If you're an author and looking for visibility, this is a wonderful opportunity. But, it's going to be a tough choice, our members have great books to offer.

REMEMBER, you can't win if you don't play the game, so please stop by our members' sites during the tour and leave a comment.

Dianne Sagan is hosting Crystalee Calderwood
Harry Gilleland is hosting Steve Tremp
Karen Cioffi is hosting Vivian Zabel
Kathy Stemke is hosting Heather Paye
Lea Schizas is hosting Nancy Famalari
Nancy Famalari is hosting Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Vivian Zabel is hosting Kathy Stemke
Margaret Fieland is hosting Dianne Sagan
Crystalee Calderwood is hosting Deborah Weed
Katie Hines is hosting Marvin Wilson
Helena Harper is hosting Mayra Calvani
Dorothy Massey is hosting Harry Gilleland
Liana Metal is hosting Lea Schizas
Carolyn Howard-Johnson is hosting Gayle Trent
Gayle Trent is hosting Karen Cioffi
Mayra Calvani is hosting Katie Hines
Marvin Wilson is hosting Liana Metal
Anita Yasuda is hosting Dorothy Massey
Linda Asato is hosting Helena Harper
Heather Paye is hosting Anita Yasuda
Steve Tremp is hosting Margaret Fieland
Deboran Weed is hosting Linda Asato

If you're interested in finding out more about our promotional group, you can send an email to: karenrcfv@yahoo.com.
Please put VBT-VBT in the subject line.

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New Feature to VBT's New Mystery Site Give-Away

In VBT - Writers on the Move's never ending goal to take it up a notch, we added a GREAT new option to the monthly Mystery Site Give-away: the winner can choose between a copy of the Mystery Site Host's book OR a One Day Guest Spot on the VBT blogsite where you can promote yourself and/or your book.

For you authors out there this is a great opportunity for visibility!

Each month, on the 1st and the 3rd, we post for our tour; and each month we have a different Mystery Site. Just visit during the tour and leave a comment on our members' sites and you may be the WINNER!

And, don't forget, you can be a part of our marketing/promotional group. To learn more about VBT - Writers on the Move email Karen at: karenrcfv@yahoo.com.
Please put "KR - VBT" in the subject box.

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Does Sylvan Dell Publishing Have an Offer for YOU

Sometimes amazing things do happen! Sylvan Dell, in an effort to WOW you and surpass Kindle, has created a free trial eBook site with 45 of their children's books on it.

I'm so thrilled at this opportunity (a FREE trial offer) and want to pass it along to you. Don't worry, it really is a FREE trial and ends Oct. 31st. This means access to the the free trial site ENDS 10/31/09.

I read two of the ebooks to my grandson yesterday. I am just so impressed by the offer and by the formatting - it's just like having the book in hand!

But, you'll get a better idea of what it's all about if you read a portion of the Press Release:

Science and Math through Literature

Contact: Sara Dobie, Public Relations
SaraDobie@SylvanDellPublishing.com, 877-958-2600


JULY 29, 2009


Sylvan Dell’s innovative eBook format promises to improve reading speeds,
comprehension, and language learning skills

MT PLEASANT, SC - Sylvan Dell Publishing goes LIVE this week with its next generation eBook, proving the company represents “so much more than a picture book;” it represents a full-fledged campaign for literacy in America.

From Sylvan Dell publisher and co-founder Lee German: “These are the most technologically advanced eBooks in the world today, featuring Auto-Flip, Auto-Read, and Selectable Language. There is nothing even close to this on the market. Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble eBooks are not even in the same category. I encourage parents and teachers to take a test-drive and see for themselves. Let the children play with these for a few weeks, and you’ll be amazed at their excitement and improved reading performance. For children wanting to learn a foreign language or ESOL families learning English, these are phenomenal tools.”

Below is a link to a 90-day trial of all 45 Sylvan Dell eBooks:
Code expiration date: 10/31/2009

For guided directions: http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/documents/eBookOperatingInstructions.pdf

“Whether in Auto-Flip or Manual Mode, switch back and forth between English and Spanish text and audio (more language choices on the way) and remain on the same page,” said German. “With the addition of Auto-Flip and Auto-Read features, our Sylvan Dell eBooks are powerful literacy and language learning tools to complement our mission of teaching ‘Science and Math Through Literature.’”

To read the entire Press Release go to: Sara Dobie

I can't rave enough about this great offer. The eBook format is amazing and very easy to use. Click HERE right now to take advantage of this unbelievable Free Trial Offer.

Talk to you soon,


August 10th Viewpoint

Yesterday, Stephen Tremp hosted VBT- Writers on the Move's August Viewpoint.

It's about internal and external conflict for the characters in your stories. Obviously, this is essential in any fiction genre. This is what keeps the reader turning the pages. Check out Stephen's insightful and interesting article at:


Leave a comment!

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Book Review: Why Authors Shouldn't Believe Everything They Read

78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published
Subtitle: 14 Why It Just Might
Pat Walsh
Penguin, 2005
ISBN-10: 0143035657
ISBN-13: 978-0143035657
Contact Reviewer: hojoreviews@aol.com

Three Reasons Why You Would Be Better Served To Choose Something More Up-To-Date

Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, award-winning author of This Is the Place and Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered, Tracings, a chapbook of poetry, and the author of the HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers

Generally I review books that have been recently published because the review journals and sites I write for expect that. Sometimes that policy makes me grumpy because I love reviewing old books with stick-to-it-iveness to see what authors can learn from them that will make their own books hang around for longer than the traditional 90 day bookstore shelf life.

But I was exposed to 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published: 14 Why It Just Might at a recent critique group meeting and the saucy title intrigued me. I asked to borrow it. I’m glad I did because the contents remind me of why “recent” is a good policy to have, at least for most nonfiction books.

It was also a good thing because it helped me realize how far the publishing industry has come since 2005 when this book was published by Penguin. It’s not that I’m not aware that people (including agents and publishers) still judge a book by its cover and by the press it is printed on. They do and I don’t like it much because I am sensitive to intolerance. That includes labeling people by their color or religion, or weight or . . . well, you get the idea. Most of my creative writing addresses this particular theme in one way or another. So I’ve also been an advocate for selecting books by their content. You know, the stuff of which books are really made.

There are some gems out there that never get published. It’s hogwash when people say, “Write an excellent book and it will find its way to publishing sooner or later.” Sometimes that is true but many times it is not. And that is one reason subsidy and self publishing has become so popular. (There are others but that may be material for another day and another rant.)

Back to this 2005 book on publishing. It’s not that there isn’t some good stuff in it. It’s not that author Pat Walsh might not have moderated his opinions over the years. But his disdain for authors shines through in too many place to have much hope for that. He doesn’t much like the ones who want a hand in publicizing their own books, for instance. Nope. He admits he doesn’t do a whole lot of promotion for his own authors but he also doesn’t want their input or the elbow grease they might provide in do-it-yourself projects or in partnership with his company. Authors (at least in 2005) were to be good little writers, know their places, and damn well shut up.

Walsh’s narrow take is that there is only one way to do things is not really all bad. It is important for writers to know about some of the biases in the industry that existed back then (a long time ago in the electronic age) and now. In The Frugal Editor, I advocated using zero-tolerance editing because I know it still exists and as authors we need to deal with it if we want our books published traditionally or agented.

Here’s the thing: Though Walsh’s humor comes through in much of the book, I fear any emerging author who gets hold of it might take it verbatim. We already have too much discrimination floating around in this world. It’s time we got a grip and started judging people and books on their individual merit. Oh, yes. And give authors as a group some credit for having more than peas in their brains. At least until they prove otherwise.

Mr. Walsh, if you’ve changed some of your opinions, please update your book. I’d like to recommend it as an example of what an open-minded and caring publisher might do for a an author’s work. I’d like to encourage many authors--particularly those who write creatively--to try the traditional route first. Until then, I fear your book might discourage writers with talent from wanting anything to do with our industry.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s first novel, This is the Place, has won eight awards.
Her book of creative nonfiction Harkening, won three. A UCLA Writers' Program instructor, she also is the author of another book essential for writers, USA Book News' Best Professional Book of 2004, The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won't (www.budurl.com/FrugalBkPromo). The second in the HowToDoItFrugally series, The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success (www.budurl.com/TheFrugalEditor) covers writing successful query letters and includes helpful hints from twenty of the nation's top agents. It, too, won USA Book News top award in its category and Reader Views Literary award. Learn more at her site http://HowToDoItFrugally.com.

The VBT - Writers on the Move Difference

A virtual book tour is a means of getting your book visible. It is a means of promotion. While it is only one strategy in a marketing plan, it does help make readers aware of you and your works. It is also a helpful tool in drawing traffic to your site.

With most virtual book tours, you ask a blogger to host you. Or, you may be asked by a blogger to visit their site as a guest. There are many bloggers who are looking for content for their blogs and hosting an author is great content. There are also some organized tours in which you make the rounds (usually for a week of other specified amount of time) as a guest on several blogger sites in a circuit tour. These types of tours may be initiated by a publisher, promoter, or the authors themselves. While these circuit tours do produce a wider range of visibility, it is for a specific amount of time.

It's true that these tours are a useful way to help bring you and your book/works into the limelight, but they are limited. You continually need to look for opportunities to be a guest on bloggers' sites. Depending on how large your network is, this can become a little challenging. In addition to this, I'm sure your goal is to sell your book for as long as you can - this means ONGOING promotion.

This is where VBT - Writers on the Move is different. Imagine having the ability to be a guest on other authors' sites on a regular basis - having guaranteed exposure every month, without the burden of finding bloggers who are willing to host you. In addition to this you won't have to find host sites that have good reputations and have a decent amount of traffic. Well, the VBT - Writers on the Move group is one of the only groups I know of that offers this type of exposure.

VBT – Writers on the Move is a group of 30 authors. Included in our group is a publisher of children's books; two editors; two marketing gurus; and an array of wonderful, and some well known, authors. What's great about this group is that we cover a wide range of writing genres - from children’s books to romance to poetry. This allows our books/works to be visible to a much larger audience than if we promoted within one genre.

Along with the ongoing virtual tours, VBT - Writers on the Move offers a couple of other marketing tools to help promote you and your work. We have a Link Exchange, Book Reveiws (for those members who are interested), a Library strategy, a monthly Mystery Site Giveaway, and a Viewpoint/Hot Topics monthly segment. We also are constantly moving forward and always looking for new tools to create visibility and increase sales.

One of our goals is to broaden our horizons by increasing membership. Since the name of the game is promotion through visibility, the more members the more visibility. This means more readers get a chance to learn about you and your book - this encourages sales.

If you are interested in joining our merry band of authors. Leave a comment with contact information.

Talk to you soon,

Karen Cioffi

Virtual Tour Part Two - August 3rd

Tomorrow is Part Two of VBT - Writers on the Move's August Tour. We're rocking and rolling along, take part by stopping by the Hosts' sites and leave a comment.

The schedule was posted on July 26th, just scroll down to it.

There are a couple of changes to it:

1. Mayra Calvani's Hosting site for this month is:

2. Marvin Wilson will be hosting Lea Schizas later this month. I'll let you know when.

DON'T FORGET: Leave a comment on one of the memeber's sites and you could be the winner of this month's Mystery Site Giveaway!!!!!

Is it a romance novel, a children's book, a book of poetry,a marketing book?
Who's to say!

Participate and you may WIN!!!

Talk to you soon,
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