December 2009 Virtual Book and Information Tour

Can you believe it's the end of the year already? It's true that the older you get the quicker the days, weeks, months, and years go by. So, don't waste precious time, be involved and take notice of everything around you!

There's a tour coming up and we'd like to give you the inside scoop:

On December 1st, each host will feature their guest. It's a one day tour. Please be sure to stop by and comment - we have a Mystery Site Giveaway!

The December 1st, 2009 Book Tour Schedule

Dianne Sagan is hosting Lea Schizas
Karen Cioffi is hosting Heidi Thomas
Kathy Stemke is hosting Martha Swirzinski
Lea Schizas is hosting Brigitte Thompson
Nancy Famolari is hosting Kathy Stemke
VBT Writers on the Move is hosting Karen Cioffi
Crystalee Calderwood is hosting Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Katie Hines is hosting Stephen Tremp
Helena Harper is hosting Deborah Weed
Liana Metal is hosting Dianne Sagan
Carolyn Howard-Johnson is hosting Debra Eckerling
Gayle Trent is hosting Dana Donovan
Mayra Calvani is hosting Helena Harper
Marvin Wilson is hosting Mayra Calvani
Linda Asato is hosting Marvin Wilson
Stephen Tremp is hosting Gayle Trent
Elysabeth Eldering is hosting Katie Hines
Darcia Helle is hosting Linda Asato
Deborah Weed is hosting Liana Metal
Brigitte Thompson is hosting Nancy Famolari
Martha Swirzinski is hosting Margaret Fieland
Heidi Thomas is hosting Jane Sutton
Jane Sutton is hosting Darcia Helle
Dana Donovan is hosting Crystalee Calderwood
Dallas Woodburn is hosting Linda Suzane
Linda Suzane is hosting Elysabeth Eldering
Debra Eckerling is hosting Dallas Woodburn

We hope you'll visit with these amazing authors, some new and some famous. They'll be information about books, along with writing and marketing tips and advice.

And, there are many changes in the works for 2010! We hope you'll be a part of them.

Karen Cioffi


I created this myself. Kathy Stemke

To purchase this book just click on this link:

Writers on the Move's Anniversary Tour Winners!

Wow, it's been a great month. We've had so many visitors and winners. We want to thank everyone who stopped by to help celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary Tour and helped make it a HUGE success!

Here's a list of the winners and the prizes they chose (they each had at least four options to choose from):

Winners of the November 2009 Anniversary Tour

 (110109) Katie Sender – hasn't responded yet

(110409) Kristi Bernard – a guest spot on the VBT site on December 11th
(110509) Anniversary Mystery Site  - DING, DING, DING!!!
Penny Ehrenkrenz is the winner (a $25 Gift Card to Amazon)
Donna McDine and Beverly Stowe-McClure are runners up (both runners up will receive a copy of Nancy Famolari's book, Unwelcome Guest at Fair Hill Farm)

(110609) John HugesDay's End Lullaby by Karen Cioffi

 (110709) Abigail Beals - The Self-Publisher's Guide by Karen Cioffi

(110809) Terry Lynn Johnson - a guest spot on the VBT site on January 11th
(111109) L. Diane Wolfe - a guest spot on the VBT site on March 15th
(111309) Maureen Hume - Humberto, the Bookworm Hamster by Mayra Calvani
(111409) Ron Berry - Murder Takes the Cake by Gayle Trent

(111609) Joylene Butler - a guest spot on the VBT site on December 7th

(111709) Arlee Bird- a guest spot on the VBT site on December 14th

(111809) John Hughes - Angeline Jellbean by Crystalee Calderwood

(111909) Cathy Puett Miller- hasn't responded yet

*The dates next to the winners' names are the dates of the tour posts.

We hope to see you on December 1st for the December 2009 Tour. It's just ONE day so be sure to mark it on your calendar. We'll have a Mystery Site Giveaway!

Karen Cioffi

VBT's Anniversary Tour Winners - So Far!

Wow, our anniversary tour is going amazing. Fun, great information, promotion, and daily prizes. And, don't forget our $25 Gift Card to Amazon for the Mystery Site Winner!

This post is an update of our winners:

1. Katie Sender (Dianne Sagan's site) - Katie didn't respond to receive her prize.
2. Kristi Bernard (Kathy Stemke's site) - chose a guest spot on the VBT site.
3. John Huges (Margaret Fieland's site) - chose Day's End Lullaby, he has 5 kids!
4. Abigail Beals (Crystalee Calderwood's site - chose The Self-Publisher's Guide.
5. Terry Johnson (Katie Hines site) - chose guest spot on the VBT site.
6. L. Diane Wolfe (Carolyn Howard-Johnson's site) -chose a guest spot on the VBT site.
7. Maureen Hume (Mayra Calvani's site) - hasn't responded yet.

The tour is still in full swing, so please be sure to check out the schedule - just scroll down to the schedule post.

We have new, famous, and award winning authors, so there's great information to be reaped from the posts. And, you have a chance of winning a wonderful prize, right in time for the holidays!

Talk to you soon,

Avoid Negativity

Yesterday I blogged about No Sugar-coating. Today I want to discuss something personal that you may connect with in your own lives: dealing with negativity.

Everyone gets bogged down at some point in their lives with negative energy from others. Whether it's put downs, 'smarter than thou' attitudes, it doesn't matter. It happens to all of us and actually to be totally honest with you I had a spell this summer where I almost tossed my writer's pen in the can and was about to email and say the muse conference was not going to happen ever again. I was in so much stress, had so many writers emailing me with nasty remarks about the conference I sat down, cried, and asked myself why I bothered spending so much time when it wasn't even appreciated...and it's free to boot!

A few days later I remembered why I bothered with one particular email from a lady who is disabled who wrote me to say how much she was looking forward to the conference because it's the only one she can attend not only because she's disabled but one she can afford. That was my turning point where I realized those who don't get what I'm trying to do don't deserve the time of day from me.

So don't allow negativity to ruin your writing passion the way I almost did. Only one other writer knew what I was about to do and she emailed me several times to see how I was doing. So telling others how you feel at times is the best thing a writer can do. Wish I could have done that and avoided the stress and close to a nervous breakdown this summer.

Even though I try 99% of the time to avoid any negativity to enter my life, it's that 1% that does manage to enter your bloodstream and cause a 'bad' ripple effect to your Muse.

For those curious what emails I was getting:

1- Why don't you have the conference all year round. I think you're being unfair to writers.

2- I'm not registering because I know I'm going to get what I paid for.

3- You say you're doing this for writers as I've heard so many blogging lately but I'm sure you're lining your pockets with dough.

4- Why do you offer so many workshops? You're really giving me a headache. I can't choose and I think next time you should only offer maybe ten.

Are these disgruntled writers? Whatever they are I can assure you they are out of my system and I'm back to my old self. This post was simply offered to let you know that many of us might seem as though we are untouchable but that's not so.

So avoid negative energy and always look toward the positive as much as possible.

No Sugar-coating

I want my book on a bookshelf. That’s great, however, is your book finished? Is it contracted? Are you prepared to work your butt off to get it on a bookshelf with tons of legwork? No? Hmm…not going to happen then.

But before you get your tutu all wrinkled with worry there are other things to consider, like:

What’s your genre? Have a clue?
Who’s your target audience?
Have a particular publisher in mind? Checked their published books? Their guidelines?

Have you read several books in the genre you’re writing? Studied famous authors? Picked up on what makes their books tick?

Have you prepared your ‘pitch’ in case you are ever stuck in an elevator with a publisher or that agent you are hoping to get a contract with?

Have you prepared your query and synopsis?

Now comes the biggie: have you fully fleshed out your characters, plot, and edited to the hilt?

Answer all of the questions above and perhaps you are now ready to submit.

The next step in a writer’s life is patience. When you send out your manuscript don’t twiddle your thumbs or wait around. Begin your next writing project.

One thing before I wrap up – be patient when you do get a contract. Some publishing houses don’t release until a year, even two years, down the line. That’s why I wrote begin your next project asap because once a book is contracted comes the other fun…marketing and promotion. Tons of legwork but necessary steps in order to get the buzz about you and your book out to the general public.

Two More Winners

From Margaret Fieland's site, John Hughes won. He choose the children's bedtime picture book, Day's End Lullaby.

From Crysalee Calderwood's site, Abigail Beal won. We're still awaiting her response!

Prizes are flying away - be sure to follow the tour and leave comments!


Kristi Bernard, Another Winner!

Yippee! VBT - Writers on the Move has another winner in our November Anniversary Blogaversary!

Kristi Bernard commented on November 3rd, on Kathy Stemke's site and chose being a guest on the VBT blogsite as her prize. Kristi will be hosted here some time mid-December.

Don't forget we have daily prizes through November 23rd! And, the mystery site gift is a $25 Gift Card to Amazon!

The schedule and details are below.

Come join us in our celebration!


Anniversary Tour November 1st Winner!


Dianne Sagan hosted November 1st and the winner is Kate Sender (Kate2world). I'm trying to find a way to reach Kate to let her know.