Writing, Marketing, and Books - A June 2011 Tour

Well, this is the last tour Writers on the Move will be having. This is not to say we won’t highlight each other occasionally or highlight other writers and authors, but as a marketing strategy the tours are over – for now anyway. You just never know where the marketing trend will take you.

Marketing is an ever-evolving strategy. New ideas, sites, networking avenues, trends, and technology keep the marketing game in constant motion. If as writers we don’t evolve with it, we’ll be left behind.

So, after a two month hiatus (July and August), to take a well deserved break, we’ll be back in September with featured informational articles on an almost daily basis.

Our members will be covering the majority of the month, but if you would like to contribute a well structured and informative article to be featured on the Writers on the Move’s site, please send it to:
KarenCioff (at) ymail (dot) com

And, be sure to check out our Workshop Page; we’ll be having another workshop on June 24th at 7PM, EST (U.S.). The shop will be on Creating an Ebook.

Also, during our hiatus members will still be posting to this site, so please stop by often.

Okay, now on to the tour:

We have a great information packed June tour, so please be sure to follow along . . . and we’d love for you to comment.

Our June feature article is “Buzz About Twitter” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, to be posted June 16th. Check the schedule below.

Writers on the Move June 2011 Tour

1st Karen Cioffi is featuring Heather Paye
2nd Kathy Stemke is featuring Jenny Wylie
3rd Margaret Fieland is featuring Debra Eckerling
4th Carolyn Howard-Johnson is featuring Joe Dadich
5th Stephen Tremp is featuring Elysabeth Eldering
6th Debra Eckerling is featuring Robert Medak
7th Martha Swirzinski is featuring Maggie Ball
8th Heidi Thomas is featuring Donna McDine
9th Dallas Woodburn is featuring Jennifer Gladen
10th Maggie Ball is featuring Martha Swirzinski
11th Kevin McNamee is featuring Mari Taylor
12th Elysabeth Eldering is featuring Kevin McNamee
13th Marietta Taylor is featuring Margaret Fieland
14th Robert Medak is featuring Kathy Stemke
15th Donna McDine is featuring Karen Cioffi
16th Shelby Patrick is featuring Carolyn Howard-Johnson
17th Jennifer Gladen is featuring Shelby Patrick
18th Jennifer Wylie is featuring Dallas Woodburn
19th Joe Dadich is featuring Heidi Thomas
20th Heather Paye is featuring Stephen Tremp

We hope to see you in the tour!

Karen Cioffi
Author, Ghostwriter, Freelance writer, and
Acquisitions Editor Intern for 4RV Publishing

Member of the Professional Writers Alliance, the International Association of Professional Ghostwriters, and the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors.

Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/karencioffiventrice
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KarenCV
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kcioffiventrice

Create an Ebook - Free Workshop

Writers on the Move is pleased to let you know we have our next FREE workshop scheduled for June 24th at 7pm EST (U.S.).

Title: How to Create an eBook and What You Can do With It
Time: 7pm, EST
Presenter: Karen Cioffi
Moderator: Maggie Ball
Chat Copier/Paster: Elysabeth Eldering
Length: 1 hour

E-books are an amazing product that has multiple uses. And, it can be created at no cost, or for a very minimal amount. What else can you create that costs only your time and effort, and sells for whatever the market is willing to pay?

There aren’t many products that fall under that category. And, along with the ‘right price,’ e-books are easy to produce.

Workshop topics:

1. Creating an eBook: 5 Simple Steps

2. Offering an eBook for Free

3. Offering an eBook for Sale

4. About the ISBN, Copyright, and Creative Common License Info

5. Promotion Tips and Article Links

This workshop will give you the know-how to actually create your own ebook. And, all registered attendees will be given a 19 page ebook: How to Create an eBook and What You Can do With It. This is an easy to follow guide covering all the topics of the workshop.

The link to the ebook will be sent upon registration. Hopefully, you will get a chance to create your own ebook and then let us know how you made out in the workshop. It will also give you a chance to think of any questions you may have.

In case you can’t make the actual workshop, hopefully we will be able to get a transcript of the chat and provide it to any registered attendee who requests it.

To register for the workshop please email Karen at: karencioffi (at) ymail (dot) com and put “Workshop” in the subject line.

Karen Cioffi
Author, Ghostwriter, Freelance writer, and
Acquisitions Editor Intern for 4RV Publishing

Member of the Professional Writers Alliance, the International Association of Professional Ghostwriters, and the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors.

Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/karencioffiventrice
Twitter: http://twitter.com/KarenCV
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kcioffiventrice

Selling Your Book Before It’s in Your Hands with Author & Publisher...Lisa Umina

When is the best time to sell your book? The second your book is in the printing process. Pre-selling your book is a must and an important marketing strategy, especially for self-published authors. If you’re not a New York Times best-selling author or celebrity, then the success of your book is a marathon, not a sprint. This means you must talk repeatedly and consistently about your book over a long period of time. 

Everyone gets the general concept behind marketing…Advertise. However, it does not do any good for a product to have a big “to-do” when it is released and then just drops off the face of the earth and out of the minds of the consumers. Your book is a product and in order for people to buy the product, they need to know it exists before its release date. So, how do you make your book sell even prior to its launch date?

1. With an email marketing campaign. An email campaign allows you to reach quickly and inexpensively a huge market—hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Email advertisements work like a spider web. They can be boundless, giving you more possibilities and bigger sales. By personally broadcasting your email advertisement to your own list and on social networking sites, it can increase the popularity of your book and these virtual connections, just like word of mouth, forward your advertisements without hesitation, causing an increase to your book’s exposure to books lovers and reading enthusiasts across the internet, further expanding its popularity.

2. Link to your publisher's bookstore. Email advertisements can be talked about and attract discussions about your book, further expanding its popularity. But by increasing your book’s exposure with a link to your publisher's bookstore, you can vastly increase book sales and awareness about your published work. Furthermore, these email advertisements and links to an online bookstore help give consumers more information about the book. They can learn how they can purchase it—a highly effective tool that helps drive traffic to the book and you the author. 

3.Book reviews. Book reviews are another great way to gain exposure for a book. Amazon is a great place to build up your reviews. You should have all of your friends and loyal followers post a review of your book on Amazon and other book review sites. If you want to know how many reviews is enough -  Enough is never enough! Having over 100 reviews would be great, but if you look up some bestsellers, they will have even more than that.

One way to get reviews posted on Amazon and other review sites is to list your book on Dan Poynter's Publishing newsletter. You need to have free copies ready to mail prospective reviewers, and here is how you get your book listed:

Email Dan Poynter at danpoynter@parapublishing.com
Put "Review Wanted" on the subject line
Write a small description of your book - he requires LESS THAN 100 words
Include your contact information
Wait for people to contact you to get a copy of your book so they can post a review on Amazon.
It is that simple.

4. Have an Author's Page on Amazon, Linked In, Facebook and other review or social sites. You don't need to have an author page on every online social or review site, but you should have a couple on the sites you tend to visit often. This is a great way for fans, reviews and avid book readers to learn more about you, your books and events.

5. Do book reviews. Believe it or not, but by doing book reviews you help build your name as an expert. You also hone your own writing skills by reading others work. You may even get an idea for a book or even be inspired to write in a genre you never tried before. There are many reasons to do reviews and this is one area many writers over look.

6. Sell your books on Facebook. Facebook is an important place for publishers, authors, and books to have a presence. It is the number one social media site on the Internet. With more than 500 million active users and more than 50% of them logging on to Facebook on any given day, keeping your books and your brand in front of your fans is one way to improve your sales.

7. Offer autograph copies on your sites and blogs. Studies have shown that “ease of purchase” is an important factor in making sales. People are more likely to purchase a product that is easy for them to find and buy. Therefore, it follows that the next step, after engaging your fans offer your books for sale right on your sites and blogs, ensuring ease of purchase.

8. Start talking about your book to friends, family and co-workers. Let them know you are becoming an author! Be excited about your upcoming book and don't feel you're over doing it. A newly published book for an author is like becoming a parent to a new baby. Wouldn't you be telling everyone about your new baby? So why not do the same with your book? 

9. Send a news release and media kit to your local TV, Radio and Newspapers. Make sure your media kit has a copy of your book and how to order your book.  

10. Contact all local organizations and schools and ask to be a guest speaker.  

11. Network, network, and network some more. Networking working is key to the success of your book. Contact local retail stores including bookstores and specialty stores. Contact local craft fairs, city events and libraries. The list is endless.

These are just a few ways to get exposure. Talk to other authors who you feel have really made an impact on their book sales. Find out what marketing strategies they used and customize to fit your budget and marketing plan. 

Remember that what worked for one book might not work for another so try a couple at a time and stick to the ones that show results.   


About our Guest Blogger: Lisa Umina, owner of Halo Publishing International, not only publishes books but also enjoys a successful career as an award-winning author, motivational speaker and literary consultant. Umina´s publishing company continues to flourish by strengthening the movement of words across the international borders in order to benefit cultures and society as a whole. She has been interviewed by countless newspapers, radio and and television shows and has traveled the world to teach children about their purpose and important life lessons inside her books. http://storiesforchildrenpublishing.com/LisaUmina.aspx

In addition, come listen to Blog Talk Radio’s World of Ink Network show: Stories for Children at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/worldofinknetwork. The hosts VS Grenier, Kris Quinn Chirstopherson and Irene Roth will be chatting with Lisa Umina about her Milo book series, writing, the publishing industry and experiences with virtual tours. Lisa will also be sharing writing tips, and trials and tribulations of the writer’s life. The show will be live May 30, 2011 at 1pm EST (12pm Central, 11am MST, and 10am PST).