Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet an interesting author and his novel, by Vivian Zabel

Kirk Bjornsgaard, an acquisitions editor for the University of Oklahoma Press, trusted his novel to 4RV Publishing. Before the revisions could be done, cancer returned causing Kirk not to be able to make them. However, we finished needed revisions with my doing the work and his approving or giving suggestions, and the novel, Confessions of a Former Rock Queen, was released this week.

The book, set mainly in Oklahoma and New York, grabs the interest of “Boomers,” “Sooners,” and music lovers, especially of old time rock ‘n roll.

Bjornsgaard weaves his knowledge of music and rock ‘n roll into the book, giving a realistic taste to the plot and characters. As John Wooley, author of Ghost Band and From the Blue Devils to Red Dirt: The Story of Oklahoma Music writes, a person can always tell when a novel about music is written by a musician. Such is the case with Confessions of a Former Rock Queen. Bjornsgaard, “a rock ‘n roller for almost four decades, expertly chronicles the life of an unsophisticated small-town Oklahoma girl tapped on the shoulder by fame in the swingin’ ‘60s.”

Copies of Confessions of a Former Rock Queen can be purchased through most bookstores or on line, including on the 4RV Book Store.

Vivian Zabel
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  1. I hope some readers will be interested in reading a bit about Kirk and his novel.

  2. I do - I want to read the book but am strapped right now to order anything - lol - I'll get it soon - E :)

  3. Sounds interesting! How is Kirk now?

  4. Kirk isn't do well. He is unable to leave the house for any reason. Being able to sit at the computer is almost impossible. He needs prayer badly.

  5. How heart breaking for Kirk. He is my thoughts and prayers.

  6. This book sounds so interesting. I'm very sorry to hear about Kirk's health. He will be in my prayers.


  7. Prayers for Kirk!! The book sounds great--when I can, I'll pick up a copy--and write a review!

  8. Thanks, Joyce, a review would be great, and I know Kirk will appreciate it.

    I think he's reading the promotional blogs and messages, even if he's unable to type replies.


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