Julie and Julia

Yesterday my wife and I went to see a matinee. The kids were in school and we had a few hours before we had to pick them up. The only two movies we could see during this time slot was The Informant and Julia and Julia. Guess which one my wife selected?

My mind immediately fast-forwarded three hours later when I would write on Facebook, "Just came home from watching Julie and Julie with wifey. Next time, I'M picking the movie."

But lo and behold, a funny thing happened on the way to the movies. Julie and Julie turned out to be a pretty darn good show. I really liked it. Two things captured my attention.

First, I can appreciate Julia Child's roller-coaster ride from being an obscure yet normal and talented-laden 37 year-old individual to publishing a best-selling book. She had a love and a passion for cooking food. She wanted to cook good food for her husband, Paul. Then, she decided to write a book about French cooking for American. Six years she endured the ups and downs, the rejection, the frustration, and the crazy unforeseen events that accompany writing and publishing a book. But the day arrived when a publisher said that word each one of us wants to hear, "YES."

Second, I can relate to Julie being an average person but having a dream and thinking big thoughts. Julie wanted to cook 524 of Julia Child's recipes in 364 days in one very tiny and crowded kitchen. She started a blog to recorded her journey and share it with the rest of the world.

In the movie, after some time, she finally had a comment. She was so excited to open and read it. But it was from her mom. Hilarious. Fast forward to the end of her journey and Julie was receiving countless hits, interviewed in the New York Times, and eventually wrote and published her own book.

This movie has inspired me, given me the motivation to move forward with big, big, big thoughts. Like you, I have had many successes and numerous challenges on this journey of writing and publishing a book. I thank my wife for dragging me to see this movie. I feel rejuvenated and ready to go.

Question Posed: What events have inspired you to move forward in the face of adversity? Please share with us as we can all benefit from examples from other writers and their words of encouragement.


Karen Cioffi said...
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Liana said...

I have read the critics on local papers and seems to be an enjoyable movie-will see it when time comes!

As for the question...Really, no one thought I would ever finally publish a book or become a local reporter-I was just a teacher and a good housewife! But I can now see my friends' astonishment I dared to move forward and face challenges they thought of as impossible. My decision to quit my school job two years ago and try the things I've always loved doing was right after all. At first, I did not believe enough in myself, but still I persevered and stuck to my dreams...till they were realized. It was not an overnight makeover, and at times I was discouraged, but my children have always been at my side telling me to go on. So, today, I write for two local papers, I am having an art display this month and I have joined a green group of local people who need my help in writing for them. And I feel just great! My motto: don't ever give up your dream!

I hope I have answered your question. Thanks,


Judith Ellis said...

Very nice post, Stephen. Thank you. It's like I have said these words. "Like you, I have had many successes and numerous challenges on this journey of writing and publishing a book." I'm writing a novel loosely based on my family, after having written a rather lengthy one more than a few years back and collection of short stories which were rejected many many times. Now, things are going very well indeed. I've gotta see the Julia Child movie. I've heard only good things about it. Continued success to you.

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