Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is Traditional Publishing the Gold Standard?

Traditional publishing vs self-publishing has become an issue for a number of writers. Some authors believe that unless they can attract the attention of a traditional publisher their work is no good. They see self-publishing as a cop-out.

Others find the process of finding an agent and publisher debilitating and not one that furthers their growth, but rather stymies their talents until they give up in frustration.

So what's right?

I don't believe there is any right answer. If the author truly believes that they've failed unless they have an agent and a contract from a major publisher, then that's what they should try to do.

On the other hand, there are many opportunities for growth in the area of self-publishing. From cover design to text editing and marketing, it's your baby and you're free to do whatever you can to make it grow.

My personal preference is for self-publishing. I enjoy all the creative aspects of producing my book. If I'm not satisfied with the cover, it's my job and I can redo it. I have complete control over editing. If I find problems in one edition, I can fix them. I don't have to petition the publisher and then wait for a decision on whether the publisher will agree to make the changes.

My theory is that it's my name on the book, and it reflects badly on me if there a serious errors.

However, I do understand that validation is important to some authors. They want an agent and a publisher so they can feel they've arrived. In the end, they may make a lot more money that I will, but will they have the same fun and challenge?



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Sarah Tokeley said...

I definitely don't think that there is right and wrong any more. I'm just happy that there are so many options open to unpublished writers at the moment :-)

elysabeth said...

Thanks for posting this, Nancy. I too was going to post something about self-publishing (next Monday) to help tie into our workshop. I think it will be fun.

Sarah, I agree that there are so many options available to unpubbbed authors that it's not about a right or wrong decision any more, it is about what is right for the author at the time. Ive been with a traditional publisher and now am self-publishing and the road is just as bumpy and by self-publishing I feel the rewards are more than by being with a traditional publisher (I see the results immediately as opposed to waiting for months to see what's going on with my books).

Hope all will join Nancy and me next Friday (the 16th of September) for the workshop. Just a side note, please put Createspace workshop in the subject line so I don't get confused which September workshop it is - lol - see ya'll in the postings - E :)

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Margaret Fieland said...

There are more options for writers now than there were even a few years ago. I've signed up for the seminar, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping it will help me get over my fear of formatting.

Heidiwriter said...

A person definitely has more "say" over the book and probably reaps more profit as well. We all have to do most of our own marketing these days, anyway, regardless whether you're published by a large press or a small one. The workshop sounds interesting.

Nancy Famolari said...

Thanks for all the comments. Sorry I was on the train today and couldn't answer. Elysabeth has said it all. There are lots of options and if you believe in yourself, you have to try them. I could say more, but I'll wait for the course. I hope to see all of you there!!


Magdalena Ball said...

Well put Nancy. I don't think it's an either or, even for one author. Some books are more suitable for traditional publishers and others work better with self-pub. I've done both and will continue to do so - but of course the more information you have the better armed you are to make a good choice.

Nancy Famolari said...

Agree Maggie. Publishing depends on the audience. The audience for many self-published books isn't large, but it is an audience and in the present climate can have the information. Good points.

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