Book Marketing How-To Lauded as "Invaluable" by Midwest Review

The Frugal Book Promoter, second edition
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
HowToDoItFrugally Publishing
Author’s Web site:
ISBN: 9781463743291
Paperback $17.95
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Kindle Edition

Reviewed by Jim Cox, editor of The Midwest Review
Originally for The Midwest Review and Newsletter

Carolyn Howard-Johnson draws upon her many years of experience and expertise as a professional book publicist and marketing specialist to author "The Frugal Book Promoter". The 416-page compendium of commentary, advice, tips, tricks and 'real world' techniques on how to authors can obtain nearly free publicity on your own or by partnering with their publishers will prove to be an invaluable, practical, profitable, and thoroughly 'user friendly' instructional reference.
It should be noted that the Midwest Book Review is cited four times.

Of special note in this newly expanded and completely updated second edition are the sample letters query letters, media releases, blog entries, trade show invitations, phone pitch scripts, email auto-signatures, and tip sheets. Simply stated, "The Frugal Book Promoter" is the single most valuable addition any aspiring author or novice small press publishers can add to their personal and professional book marketing reference shelves -- and has a great deal of enduring value for even the more experienced publisher marketing directors and publicists.


Mary Jo Guglielmo said...

It's time to buy my copy!

Aileen said...

What an excellent resource! I am going to get my Kindle edition today.

Karen Cioffi said...

I got my copy!

Heidiwriter said...

I have one too!

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