Tuesday, February 7, 2012

 $4.00 fix
It’s hard to believe that we are facing yet another gift giving season.  We just finished paying for Santa’s run and now Cupid is hot on our heels.  As a woman, I am here to tell you that a gift really doesn’t have to cost much money but it does have to meet a couple of specific criteria: it has to be personal (I have to know that you know me) and the gift has to show me you took time in planning and getting it.  These two things hold true whether the gift is from a female friend or a romantic interest.

 Here is an example of a gift that didn’t work and how it could have been a success with a little extra effort.  A boy, we will call him Sam, bought a gift for his girl friend, Jane.  To Sam’s credit, he purchased it, wrapped it and gave it to her following a nice dinner.  Sam was terribly confused and surprised when Jane unwrapped the gift and burst into tears.  Sam just didn’t understand why Jane was not happy with the jumper cables he had bought her.  She had been having trouble with her car battery for Pete’s sake.

Now for the $4 solution that would have made the same gift work.  The jumper cables were a good idea, but they failed to meet the two specified criteria.  When asked if Sam knew Jane’s favorite candy bar he said “Sure, she loves Snickers” and when asked if she liked flowers he answered “yes”.  Sam could have purchased the jumper cables, in an effort to protect Jane, and then stopped by a local convenience store.  There he could have purchased two Snickers and clamped the wrapper of each into one of the cable clamps.  Usually, convenience stores sell carnations or some other flower in a water vile so Sam could have purchased a flower and laid it across the other set of clamps.  When she unwrapped the present Jane would truly know that the present was meant for her; it contained her favorite candy and a flower.  $4 extra dollars would have made the difference.  Most men don’t believe me, but ask any woman and she will agree.  So, if you are buying a gift for a woman, whether you are a man or a woman, follow those two simple rules and you will be sure to get a gift that will be sincerely appreciated.

 PS. Unless she specifically asks, don’t buy her a vacuum, a blender or any other practical gift that will make her life easier.  On special occasions she wants to feel special not useful.

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Martha Swirzinski


Anne Duguid Knol said...

Really funny Martha. But it certainly drives the message home hehe.

I must admit, even with the flowers, jumper cables would not be making my heart sing but then, that's men for you.

I once for Christmas got from my husband a tea towel printed with diet tips --made a great talking point when I brandished it at dinner parties...

Martha said...

Annie, that is too funny. I bet it was a good conversation starter at parties.

Magdalena Ball said...

My husband likes to joke that I got him an iPad and he got me an iRon. It was a good iron though! I'm a practical girl so didn't mind at all.

Unknown said...

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