Thursday, October 4, 2012

Using Permalinks AND a Freebie Book Review Opportunity

Lots of the writers who use my free service at The New Book Review (  ),  my alternative review opportunity, don't know how to use a permalink to extend the life of that promotion.
When they (or a reviewer) participates according to the guidelines in the left column of the blog, I send them a little tutorial on how to extend the exposure of appearing on The New Book Review. But those techniques, including information on permalinks, are important for anyone who must market--their services, their work, their talent.  This is what I tell them.

Here's what you do to take future readers specifically to this post on this blog:

·        Go to the blog

·        Find your review.

·        Click on the title.

·        Go to the top of the page where the address appears in the address window. It will be longer than the one you see above and include part of the title of your post.

·        Copy it.

·        Take it to wherever you want to keep a permanent record of your review/promotions (like your Web site, blog, etc) and paste it.

Easy as that. (-:  And it's only polite to make it as easy on a future reader as possible to find what you want them to see.
PS: When you post on blogspot and need to give someone the permalink for you post, you'll find a convenient little link icon in the right column of the page you use to post. Click on it and voila! Even if you are pre-posting, the permalink will appear. You can copy, paste and, yesss! market to your heart's content!

~Carolyn Howard-Johnson is the author of the multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers. She taught for UCLA Extension's renowned Writers' Program for nearly a decade, is an award-winning poet and writer of fiction, and was named Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment by members of the California legislature.  

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  1. Carolyn, this is great information. Having an effective permalink also helps the search engines categorize your article.


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