Being Social Can Bring Extra Promotion

Are you a big fan of social media? If you spend time on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest, did it occur to you that social media could help authors by leveraging influencers? In other words, other people can help you reach new readers. It's always nice to meet new people or learn something new online, but wouldn't it be nice to have those same people help recommend you and your work to others?

Who Are Influencers?

The very short and precise answer is that they are people who can influence reasonably large numbers of potential customers to consider your book and/or business. If you like long definitions, influencers would be social media users whose opinions other users value, and who may express positive sentiments about your brand.

                                         Learn to F.L.O.P.

All of us do well to learn this technique. It is an acronym meaning to feature and leverage other people. Why would you want to do this? because by featuring them by re-tweeting, or liking a page, they will most likely return the favor to you or be open to the idea of hearing more about your book and spreading it to others. Maybe you can invite those in the social media world to guest post on your blog or offer to interview them. They will be flattered. If they are featured on your site, rest assured they will tell their followers and fans, bringing spotlight to your project.

                                   Provide Valuable Content

Don't be afraid to offer a free gift of some sort to get readers "hooked". Maybe you have a free ebook or an article to give away. if you post this online at social media sites, readers will gobble up the free and interesting content. Often times the content you share will be re-tweeted or shared via email. Either way, your name begins to spread farther and farther in the online world, reaching more readers. With greater exposure comes greater book sales for you.

                                            Make Small Talk

It's important to remember that social media is a two-way street. You cannot simply stand out on the virtual street corner and toot your own horn all day long. You don't want to be viewed as a self-promoter, but rather as an expert that shares valuable content or links. Engage potential readers and fellow authors in simple conversations, sharing tips and the like. For pointers, watch someone on a social media site that has great influence and many followers or fans. Emulate how they interact with others and notice what works well for them. Apply these rules and practice the, remember, it's about give and take.

How to Get Started

Begin to engage people on social media sites. Look for people you respect and focus on dialogue, not self-promotion. If you start out on Twitter, try to engage the same audience on Facebook or another site where you can share deeper content. From there, invite online "friends" to your website or blog where you are distributing an ebook, a free download or free information. After they receive the gift, follow up with information about your new book project. Chances are, they'll be interested and tell others as well. Stay in touch, be friendly and reap the rewards.

There are many benefits to being social. This article briefly highlighted just a few examples and is a compilation of proven tactics for success. If you are interested in making relationships, the sales will follow. The good news is, you won't have to do all the promoting yourself because the people you meet and come to know will start to promote your work for you. Take care and I'll see you online!

RL Taylor is an award-winning fiction author with five novels released to date. His newest writing venture is a series of non-fiction books on style, etiquette and self-improvement for men and women who want to help the men in their life. 
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Karen Cioffi said...

RL, great information. You're absolutely right, using social media is an excellent way to broaden your visibility, but doing it the right way is important. Thanks for sharing.

Magdalena Ball said...

Excellent tips RL. I really like "FLOP" and think it sits at the heart of what social media is all about.

Kathleen Moulton said...

RL, I liked this quote: "Look for people you respect and focus on dialogue, not self-promotion."

That helps keep balance when utilizing social media.


Margaret Fieland said...

RL, great advice. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable for me when I engage as well.

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