When Life Gets in the Way

It is never a question of when life gets in the way regarding my writing but the question is what to do about it? Here are a few tips to keep the writing front and center of your real life.

1. Remember that writing IS your life. Treat it like a scheduled appointment if you have to but write something everyday.
2. Use self imposed deadlines, goal lists, outlines, or colorful pads to keep you inspired. Do what it takes to write, revise, polish, submit, and research your next project. The alternative is to say writing is your hobby and delegate it to the backseat of life. Less guilt over being unproductive and the admission helps you to declare your real life intentions to your inner self. You decide.
3. Make a list of actions that you need to take to put your writing career on the next level. Writing these actions down in concrete terms helps you to be accountable and makes your writing real.
4. Even when life gets in the way....( happened to me this week making this post late) make yourself write something, anything, even in the midst of chaos. After all you are a writer. Remind yourself of this and go forth and write.

This week......wrote a book review, a post here, a blog post for my quilt shop blog, and submitted a PB manuscript all during a week when I traveled for business, had a death on the in-law side of the family, worked a12hour night shift, and did a job interview. Where there is a will to succeed as a writer, there truly is a way.


Mary Jo Guglielmo said...

Terri, It's amazing what you accomplished. Imagine what you could get done in a calm week.

Magdalena Ball said...

Good reminder Terri on the importance of giving writing priority. Sometimes too, no matter how well we schedule, there are crises and writing has to wait. For those times, cutting ourselves a little slack helps.

Debbie A Byrne said...

Yes, it does get in the way and this is something I need to work on. Thanks for the advice!

Karen Cioffi said...

Terri, it is so important to remember that writing deserves its place in our time schedule. There will be times when 'things' or life take over, but we have to be resolved to get back with the schedule as soon as we can.

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