Saturday, November 30, 2013

Innovative and Proven Writing and Marketing Strategies WEEK with Writers on the Move

Beginning tomorrow, December 1st, Writers on the Move is featuring a full week of innovative and proven writing and marketing strategies. It will kick off with "5 Innovative and Proven Marketing Strategies" by Karen Cioffi (me :)) and end with "Writing and Book Marketing – Crafting a Pitch (Part 2)" by Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

This is the beginning of a writing and marketing information packed December as a thank you to YOU.


And, to further show our appreciation, we have an ebook of Quotes that the WOTM members compiled to inspire and motivate you . It's still in the works, but will be ready sometime mid-December.

So, be sure to stop by often and let us know what you think about the posts. And, please don't forget to share them with the social icons we have at the bottom of each post.

Talk to you soon,


Magdalena Ball said...

A gift-filled December! Thanks for organizing this, Karen.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!

Karen Cioffi said...

Maggie, thanks for participating!

Karen Cioffi said...

Susanne, Thanks! I hope it offers something for everyone.

Linda Wilson said...

I'm looking forward to all you have in store for us. Thanks so much, Karen.

Karen Cioffi said...

Thanks, Linda! I hope it meets expectations. :)

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