Wednesday, November 11, 2015

5 Writing Mistakes to Avoid in Your NaNoWriMo Participation

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is here again. Every year in November thousands of writers participate. They each buckle down and write a novel within the month of November. That's a pretty impressive task.

Well, last year during NaNoWriMo, did something unique. They worked with nearly 500 writers from 54 countries to crowdsource a novel. They analyzed the resulting 40,000 or so words and uncovered some writing mistakes that happened time and again, then summarized the top five in a handy infographic:

Five Mistakes To Avoid in Your NaNoWriMo Novel Infographic

Attribution for this infographic goes to:

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Karen Cioffi said...

Grammerly, thanks for sharing such useful writing information with us. As an editor, I see these types of errors. Number one is probably the most frequent error.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Grammerly, it's been a while since we've connected via e-mail. Glad to see you offering your wisdom on Writers on the Move--a great group of writers who would never "make" one of these mistakes, but might gloss over one of them in the reading. Thus the reason for a great editing program like yours--or a great editor. Or both!

Shirley Corder said...

Thanks for sharing this, Karen. It's a good reminder. I am not doing NaNo this year and I really miss the thrill!

Karen Cioffi said...

Hey, Shir, I haven't even tried it once yet. One year . . . :)

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