Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Importance of Imagination

In case you've never seen the TV show Castle, Richard Castle is a mystery writer and kid at heart, lover of aliens, zombies, conspiracy theories, ninjas, magic, and ancient curses.

Once, after being rather disparagingly called "reality-challenged," he said,

"I prefer fantasy-augmented"
                                     --from Castle

So, if anyone ever disparages your imagination, ignore them.  Or pity them.  Your imagination helps make you a great writer, even if you have no zombies, aliens or conspiracy theories in your work.  And if you ever start to feel stuck, it may be that you haven't been nourishing your imagination enough.  It's like a muscle.  Keep it exercised!

Melinda Brasher currently teaches English as a second language in the beautiful Czech Republic.  She loves the sound of glaciers calving and the smell of old books.  Her travel articles and short fiction appear in Go NomadInternational LivingElectric SpecIntergalactic Medicine Show, and others.  For an e-book collection of some of her favorite published pieces, check out Leaving Home.  For something a little more medieval, read her YA fantasy novel, Far-KnowingVisit her online at


  1. Melinda, this is a good lesson for life as well as for writing.

  2. Love that quote. And, loved the show.

  3. Thanks. I haven't seen the last season, but I loved the first few, and I love Richard Castle's character.


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