Two Ways to Format your Manuscript

Properly formatting my MG mystery book loomed in the background during editing. The reckoning day arrived. Thanks to children's author Margot Finke I knew who to call upon: the formatting service at Golden Box Books Publishing Services. Margot sang the praises of Golden Box author Erika M. Szabo, who did the formatting for her young teen fantasy, Daisy and Bartholomew Q. She said, "I couldn't be happier with the results. [Erika] also educated me in the ways of correct formatting." Among Erika's many talents: a multi-genre author, Publishing Coach and illustrator.

I fully intended to contact Erika to help me with my formatting needs but decided to Google the subject: "How to format a fiction book," to see what would happen. I clicked on a tutorial by Jill Williamson, an author for adults, teens, kids, and some for the whole family, which she uploaded onto YouTube. I decided to try it.

By splitting my screen with Jill's tutorial and my ms, I went through the steps she explained by pausing, executing, pausing. It took several views to fully understand how to do it all. The biggest
glitch was doing the page numbering right, which Jill warned is tricky. At the end of the video, she invited viewers to visit her website for a more in-depth description. I found the information under, "for writers: jill's writing and publishing tutorials," and after some trial and error, solved the problem. I am proud of how my ms looks now and feel confident it is correct.

It's been an inspiration to discover both of these terrific authors and their websites, chock full of helpful information for writers.
  • Golden Box Books offers help in every aspect of self-publishing. Check it out!
  • Check out Jill Williamson's video, "How to Format a Fiction Manuscript," on YouTube, and  Jill's website. You'll be glad you did.
I will call on both of these resources again. The information offered is far-reaching and relevant in today's market. You will find many areas of expertise. My challenge to you? Go for it!

Linda Wilson, a former elementary teacher and ICL graduate, has published over 100 articles for adults and children, and six short stories for children. Recently, she completed Joyce Sweeney's online fiction courses, picture book course and mystery and suspense course. She has currently finished her first book, a mystery/ghost story for 7-11 year-olds, and is in the process of publishing it and moving on to new writing projects. Follow Linda on Facebook.




Karen Cioffi said...

Linda, excellent article on self-publishing tools for authors. Based on your recommendation, I'll be recommending Dog Ear and Golden Box to my ghosting clients. Thanks for sharing!

GoldenBoxBooks said...

Thank you so much Linda for mentioning our publishing services in your post and I'm glad you were able to do the task on your own! Formatting a book to the strict requirements of the publishing sites is not an easy task.
Thank you for recommending us to your clients Karen, I really appreciate it!
Erika M Szabo, author, publishing coach, and illustrator

Karen Cioffi said...

Thanks for stopping by, Erika!

Linda Wilson said...

I'm glad you found my article, Erika. I planned to send it to you. I was very happy to learn about all the services Golden Box offers and hope to work with you in the future. Thank you for commenting. It is greatly appreciated.

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