Amazon KDP Allows Author Copies

A while back, I was excited to learn that Amazon KDP (their e-book publishing program for independent authors) was streamlining the process so you could publish paperbacks through the same platform you publish e-books. Previously, you had to use CreateSpace, their paperback publishing program. Two processes. Two websites you have to check up on. Two separate payment systems. Two of everything. So combining it would be awesome.

Then I did some investigating and found several reasons not to be so excited. One of the main ones was that through KDP you couldn't order author copies at cost, like you can through CreateSpace. Author copies are pretty important for selling at appearances and local bookstores, for giving away as prizes, for putting your writing in the hands of people who don't like e-books or online shopping, for getting more honest reviews, etc. Yet KDP didn't do it.

Well, they've changed their mind. As of now, it's just available for "selected publishers," but they promise that within weeks, both proof copies and author copies will be available for everyone at cost (plus tax and shipping). Hoorah! It remains to be seen if they will be priced similar to their CreateSpace counterparts and if this new feature will make publishing everything through KDP the way to go, but it's something to consider.

For more information, go here: (proof copies)

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Karen Cioffi said...

Melinda, that is great news. I recently went with Createspace for a DIY children's writing book because of the author copy issue. Glad to know KDP is following suit. I'd much rather have everything in one place.

Wanda Luthman said...

Thank you for doing this research and letting us know they've changed their minds. I hope it is a good value and look forward to seeing how it all develops.

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