Finding Writing Ideas

Writers are a wealth of ideas for posts, articles, and story. Many enjoy brainstorming and kicking around notions.  I think it’s always useful to have a topic list for generating ideas. Your journal is a great place to keep & grow your theme ideas.

Twelve topic tips to keep readership interest by promoting a personal connection:
•    What is the hardest thing about being a writer?
•    Who inspired you to start writing?
•    Describe how you establish goals.
•    List the podcasts you value and offer links to those sites.
•    Discuss the hurdles you experience with the craft of writing, and how you worked to overcome weaknesses. (grammar, style, structure, logic)
•    Post your favored writing routine: most productive time(s) of day, scheduling issues, best plan.
•    What was the topmost writing advice you’ve received? Share it.
•    Write about your current project and the progress you are making.
•    How do you research a topic? Discuss your practice and tips.
•    Write a review for a book you have enjoyed or in which you’ve found value.
•    Generate questions for readership participation.
•    Foster a sense of adventure and curiosity as you create and grow a “clipping file” with articles, posts, and newspaper articles that spark your interest and imagination. Share some.

For something more on this topic pick up a copy of “Where Do You Get Your Ideas? A Writer’s Guide to Transforming Notions into Narratives” by Fred White, for fiction and non-fiction.

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Deborah Lyn Stanley is a writer, artist, and editor.  She is a retired project manager who now devotes her time to writing, art and caring for mentally impaired seniors. Deborah writes articles, essays and stories.
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Terry Whalin said...

Deborah Lyn, Thank you for these tips on finding writing ideas. They are excellent and I've used many of them over the years. The key is to take action and actually get writing --instead of thinking about writing. Well-done.

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Karen Cioffi said...

Deborah, great list of tips to help find writing ideas. I too have used many of them. One I use a lot is my experience from dealing with new authors. And, I read writing magazines, books and blogs. There really is a never-ending source of ideas all around us!

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