Content Curation & Aggregation

Content Curation & Aggregation  

by Deborah Lyn Stanley

What does it take to promote your writing, be it articles, stories or books?  How do you tell your readers or a prospective publisher what you are about?  What is of benefit to your audience?  Your Platform, your Branding, and your Website. 

Let’s talk about growing engagement by diving a bit deeper through Content Curation and Aggregation.
  • Content Curation is not creating new content; it is the process of searching out, discovering, compiling and sharing existing content for your readership relevant to a specific topic or subject.
  • Content Curation’s purpose is to add the value of a broader view and understanding.
  • Introduce the content with your own perspective and ideas, then provide a link to the source article via “To read the original article go to: …”
  • Archive, catalog and store curated content for future use.

Adding value is the best path to growing your readership and promoting your work.

  • Content Aggregation is the collection of information for a particular topic with one or more related keywords.
  • Content Aggregation can grow value by linking to supporting information, to a broader perspective, to hot topics or news worthy content.
  • Aggregation is gathering content from various feeds into one easy to access, informative location—your website.

Both Content Curation and Content Aggregation are marketing strategies to grow the reach of your work.

  • Pingbacks and Trackbacking are useful tools for notifying the post owner that you have linked to their post as the original source. Pingbacks and Trackbacking can increase web traffic, and provide a connection to influential blogs. By using links to the original source post or article, attention is brought from that site to yours.
Additional links for more on Content Curation and Aggregation:

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Deborah Lyn Stanley is an author of Creative Non-Fiction. She writes articles, essays and stories. She is passionate about caring for the mentally impaired through creative arts.
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