Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How to Make Freelance Writing Easier

Many new professional writers - who have recently moved from writing exactly what they want to write and are now writing according to publishers' or clients' guidelines – become frustrated when it seems to take so much time to actually get so little writing done.

They begin to wonder if the freelance writing life is really the life for them.

If this is the way you're feeling right now, there are a couple of things you can do to lessen your frustration and make freelance writing a bit easier.

First, relax a little.

You're probably working in a tense state of mind.

And it's hard to be creative when you're tense.

Don't take your work so seriously.

Decide to have a little fun with your writing today, no matter what you'll be writing.

Second, take a look at the way you work best.

Not every writer can easily switch from working on one project to another – especially if every project is very different.

Group similar projects together so you can work on them on the same days.

You won't have to switch back and forth so much during the day, so you shouldn't get so tense.

And now, perhaps more than ever, as we are stuck in our homes during the Coronavirus pandemic, it's important to set up a regular work schedule each week.

Without one, distractions can take over your day before you realize it.

Next, create a few daily rituals that make writing become more of a habit you naturally fall into every day.

Something as simple as turning on the radio – so music plays softly in the background – can trigger your brain that it's time to start writing if you make the music part of your daily writing ritual.

Finally, decide to have a wonderful writing day today.

Set your intention for the writing to flow, as you work in a calm, relaxed state of mind.

Try it!

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Suzanne Lieurance is a fulltime freelance writer, writing coach, certified life coach, and the author of over 30 published books.


Terry Whalin said...


Thank you for this article and all of the wise tips for every writer. I've been working in publishing for years and can see the wisdom in this piece.

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Karen Cioffi said...

Suzanne, great advice on how we can keep our writing moving while in shelter-in. Using methods to help reduce stress is key to staying creative.

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