Book Review || On Being A Writer


Book Review || On Being A Writer by Ann Kroeker & Charity Singleton Craig,
reviewed by Deborah Lyn Stanley

From time to time, we search for a particular writing coach who says the things that inspire us to keep moving forward. It’s not just teaching it’s something more, which resonates and calls us onward. I found Ann Kroeker online a couple of years ago and joined her mailing list. She became the writing coach I had been looking for. One of her posts included a note about “On Being a Writer” she and Charity Singleton Craig co-authored. They are an impressive team, and I highly recommend the book.

“On Being a Writer” is 12 chapters with 164 pages of powerful inspiration for the writer’s life. Its intent is to equip writers for a sustainable life of productivity and publication. And, along the way to help us understand ourselves better, learn to set limits and find rest.

Each chapter topic presents a habit of the writing life. The chapters start with a story, opportunities to consider, a journal prompt, a writing prompt, a bonus and a few questions for personal reflection or for group discussion.

I did as suggested; I used the book as my personal writing coach, encouraging me to make tangible progress in practical ways. It’s a powerful and helpful book that I am set to re-read.

I recommend this book. It is refreshing with insights to embrace for the journey.

Thank you Ann & Charity!


Deborah Lyn Stanley is an author of Creative Non-Fiction. She writes articles, essays and stories. She is passionate about caring for the mentally impaired through creative arts.
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Terry Whalin said...

Deborah Lyn,

ON BEING A WRITER sounds like a valuable book. Thank you for calling it to our attention.


Karen Cioffi said...

Deborah, it does sound like an interesting book. Not sure if I have this one. Will have to check. Thanks for sharing!

Zara said...

Thanks for sharing this article "ON BEING A WRITER" Seems like inspiring.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

I love having another "On Writing" book to add to my collection. Thank you, Deborah Lyn!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

lastpg said...

Thank you, Deborah Lynn. I will check this book out!

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