Featured Productivity Tool: Get Organized

Want to be productive? First, get organized!
When you are organized, you spend less time looking for things and more time writing, working, or making progress on one of your numerous passion projects.
Last month, I talked about getting organized on #GoalChatLive with Molly Beran, Projects By Molly, LLC; Deborah Thomas-Nininger, DTN Productions International; and Stacey Soleil, Follow Up Boss. We had a rapid-fire, advice-packed conversation. Molly, Deborah, and Stacey share why they love being organized and how they do it, as well as why people find being organized a challenge, organization tips, and much more. 

Goals for Getting Organized

To be better organized, start by setting goals. I say, set appointments for all your activities, including the time you spend getting organized time. Also, categorize your projects and put them in separate folders (electronic or actual).  

  • Molly: Make a todo list on a post-it note. It’s small, so just enough room for things you can do; this helps you build momentum
  • Deborah: Prepare on Friday for the following week
  • Stacey: Start your day before looking at your phone

Final Thoughts 

Everyone does "organizing" differently. See what's out there. Do more of what works for you and stop doing what doesn't.

  • Stacey: Start where you shine!
  • Molly: Use Trello for home projects
  • Deborah: Put personal tasks on your todo list

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What's your best tip for getting organized? Please share in the comments. 

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Debra Eckerling is the award-winning author of Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals and founder of the D*E*B METHOD, which is her system for goal-setting simplified. A goal-strategist, corporate consultant, and project catalyst, Debra offers personal and professional planning, event strategy, and team building for individuals, businesses, and teams. She is also the author of Write On Blogging and Purple Pencil Adventures; founder of Write On Online; Vice President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Women's National Book Association; host of the #GoalChat Twitter Chat, #GoalChatLive on Facebook and LinkedIn, and The DEB Show podcast. She speaks on the subjects of writing, networking, goal-setting, and social media.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Brilliant minds thinking alike! Ha! I was just doing my final proof of the chapter in the soon-to-be released The Frugal Editor on organizing one’s desktop for a major editing job. Love your approach to this, Deb!

Debra Eckerling said...

Thanks, Carolyn! Being organized is such an advantage, and it applies to so many aspects of your life.

Congrats on your latest soon-to-be-released update!

Hugs back, Deb

Terry Whalin said...


Thank you for this terrific article. Getting organized is a key skill for every writer and you have detailed insights.


Karen Cioffi said...

Debra, thanks for this interesting video. Four organizing powerhouses full of advice we can all use. Organization definitely helps with time and stress.

Debra Eckerling said...

Thanks, Terry. Thanks, Karen. So glad you liked the tips!

To your success, Deb

Linda Wilson said...

Your articles are always so inspiring and helpful, thank you Deb! I've had to move away from small post-it notes because they pile up on my desk and then I still can't find what I'm looking for! Lately, I'm using one notebook and putting it all in there, and my calendar where I keep track of important appointments. PS I still have small post-it notes that I need to go through as soon as I get organized!

Debra Eckerling said...

Thanks so much, Linda! I am a huge fan of the notebook and calendar combo - good going! :) Deb

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