Nourishment Goals

Nourishment Goals

As a writer it's essential to keep yourself balanced, this includes nourishment in your fuel, relationships, surroundings, and work. Achieving your goals expert Debra Eckerling offers help.
It's important to set nourishment goals. When you nourish yourself - mind, body, and spirit - you are way more productive. 

In April, I had a wonderful conversation about Nourishment with Natasha Feldman, Nosh With Tash and author of The Dinner Party Project; Michal Levison, a speaker, cookbook author, and founder of Seasoned Moments; and Nicky Pitman, Director of Shemesh Farms, a social enterprise that offers community and employment for those with diverse abilities. 

Natasha, Michal, and Nicky talked about their connection to food, the relationship between nourishment and community, how they nourish themselves, and much more.

Nourishment is "being able to live a life that’s fueled by your community," Natasha says. According to Michal, "You don’t sit down to eat vitamins and minerals; you sit down to enjoy a meal. Nourishment is the holistic view of how food makes you feel." Nourishment is "what fills you, what fuels you," Nicjy believes.

Nourishment Goals 

  • Natasha: Set up a dinner party. Make it monthly/weekly! 
  • Nicky: Go outside and take a breath – breathe deep, long, and take a moment to feel the elements. Do it daily-ish or multiple times a day. 
  • Michal: Try to take a lunch break every day! Step away from your work and sit at a table, preferably with another human being. Spend 20-30 minutes or longer. Take mindful bites. Build up to a daily routine.

Watch our conversation.

Final Thoughts 

  • Michal: Savor all the moments; you can savor a meal, a conversation, a relationship. It’s an important way to get in touch with gratitude. 
  • Nicky: Stay open to what nourishes you, and allow what nourishes you to change. 
  • Natasha: Food – like everything else you do in life – should be fun. Enjoy it!
Nourishment comes in many forms. And proper nourishment starts with taking the time to refill your mind, body, and spirit.

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How do you nourish yourself? Please share in the comments. 

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Debra Eckerling is the award-winning author of Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals and founder of the D*E*B METHOD, which is her system for goal-setting simplified. A goal-strategist, corporate consultant, and project catalyst, Debra offers personal and professional planning, event strategy, and team building for individuals, businesses, and teams. She is also the author of Write On Blogging and Purple Pencil Adventures; founder of Write On Online; host of  #GoalChatLive aka The DEB Show podcast and Taste Buds with Deb. She speaks on the subjects of writing, networking, goal-setting, and social media.


Karen Cioffi said...

Debra, this is an interesting post. As writers we do need to keep things balanced. I know I often eat lunch while I'm working; Michael mentioning it brought it to my attention. Thanks!

Linda Wilson said...

Thank you, Debra, for the encouragement to take care of ourselves as writers. When I first started writing I wanted to get up and work in the middle of the night, or cut the night short so I would have time to write in the morning before work. My husband warned me that the danger of doing those things on a regular basis could burn me out. I took his advice and made a schedule for writing instead. I'm retired now and still need to be reminded that having a life and taking time to relax are important ways to stay healthy so I can be ready to write at appointed times.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Thank you, Deb. It’s easy for us to forget that our health is it essential part of our success.

deborah lyn said...

What fun Debra!
Great interviews and Tips! Thanks much!

Debra Eckerling said...

Thanks, Karen! So important to take lunch breaks ... regularly, if not every day! Glad you got value from this post.

Debra Eckerling said...

Thank you for sharing, Linda! You/your husband hit the nail on the head. My Monday live show was on boundaries - Also, an important topic. Glad you have a system you are following, now.

Debra Eckerling said...

Thanks for your comment, Carolyn! Absolutely!

Debra Eckerling said...

Thank you, Deborah! It was fun!

Terry Whalin said...


Thanks for this fascinating article. Balance is a continual struggle (at least for me) to find the delicate balance between writing, personal time, family time and much more. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing better than others. It's a journey and I appreciate these insights.

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