Creativity Goals

Creativity is a foundational element for any business. This is true for writers, marketers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and/or all of the above. To keep things fresh - your projects, your perspectives - it is extremely important to try different things. That's why you want to set set Creativity Goals.

On a recent GoalChatLive, cartoonist Chari Pere and creative producer Damion Taylor joined me for a conversation on creativity. Chari and Damion shared their backstories, what stops people from being creative, how to tap into and/or replenish your creative spirit, and so much more.

Tapping Into Your Creativity

  • Damion: Work on the things you can control and stop worrying about the things you can’t. You may come up with solutions when doing other things 
  • Chari: Get outside of your head. Try running, exercise, brainstorming 
  • Damion: Spend time alone, even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes 
  • Chari: Give yourself permission to explore. Curiosity and collaboration are also super-helpful     

Creativity Goals 

  • Damion: Challenge yourself. Find 15 red things (or green things or blue things) and write down why are they connected. See how they tell a story about you 
  • Chari: Take 15 minutes to do what you want to do for yourself

Watch our conversation.

Final Thoughts 

  • Damion: It’s okay to give yourself permission to enjoy things. It's such an important part of the creativity process.
  • Chari: Just do it!
Even if you consider yourself creative by nature, there are always new mediums to try. Are you a creative writer? Paint a picture. Are you a fine artist? Take an improv class? Do you have lots of "creative" pursuits, try cooking, gardening, or a new sport.

Taking the time to develop your creative muscles, makes it a win-win for you and your audience/clientts.  

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How do you explore your creativity? Please share in the comments. 

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Debra Eckerling is the award-winning author of Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals and founder of the D*E*B METHOD, which is her system for goal-setting simplified. A goal-strategist, corporate consultant, and project catalyst, Debra offers personal and professional planning, event strategy, and team building for individuals, businesses, and teams. She is also the author of Write On Blogging and Purple Pencil Adventures; founder of Write On Online; host of  #GoalChatLive aka The DEB Show podcast and Taste Buds with Deb. She speaks on the subjects of writing, networking, goal-setting, and social media.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Damion's comment, "Challenge yourself. Find 15 red things (or green things or blue things) and write down why are they connected. See how they tell a story about you..." reminds me of what is involved in organizing a nonfiction book. I am in the middle of one now and I plan to substitute the kind of writing-related words in the chapters of a new kind of dictionary by using Damion's "method." I probably won't get to fifteen--nor will they be as colorful!--but it's a great way to think of this project. Thanks Deb and Damion!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Karen Cioffi said...

Deb, these are helpful tips for tapping into your creativity and also for decompressing! Love the get outside of your head and spend time alone, aside from writing. Thanks for sharing.

Debra Eckerling said...

Thanks for your comments, Carolyn and Karen!

Happy writing and happy creating!

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