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Guest Blogging - Advantages for the Host Site

Advantages for the blog host

Last month this time, we took a look at the advantages there are for those who guest blog on other sites. Today we're looking at some of the advantages for the host site.

• Before continuing, it will probably be a good idea if you refresh your mind by reading the previous post first, as many of the advantages for the guest apply to the host as well.
In addition to those advantages, the host also gains the following:
• Increase of Knowledge: Your guest brings with him or her expertise that you don't have. This increases the value of your blog for the reader.
• Saved Time: Instead of spending hours researching a topic, by inviting a guest who is an expert on that subject, the host benefits two ways. He or she learns from the expert, and the blog gains followers who are interested in what the guest has to share. 

• New Cyber Friends:
 Hosts may even blog about the guests, giving them another topic of interest, while developing their relationships with the guests.  

If you are hosting a guest on your blog: 

• Comment on the post. After all, you wouldn't invite a guest to your home and not interact with them, now would you? Show an interest in comments from visitors as well. They're also visiting your cyber home, remember.
• Promote as suggested in the previous section. This makes sense. Not only do you want other visitors to come to your site, you want them to know the guest who is taking part on your blog. This helps to build your platform as well.
• Thank Your Guest: publicly on the post, as well as personally in an email. 

Over to you:

What sort of posts would you like a guest to post about on your site?

  • Give your answers in the comment section below, and maybe someone will offer.  

SHIRLEY CORDER lives a short walk from the seaside in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with her husband Rob. She is author of Strength Renewed: Meditations for your Journey through Breast Cancer. Shirley is also contributing author to ten other books and has published hundreds of devotions and articles internationally. 

Visit Shirley on her website to inspire and encourage writers, or on Rise and Soar, her website for encouraging those on the cancer journey. Follow her on Twitter or "like" her Author's page on Facebook. 

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