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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice -- A Hiatus from Writing

Today, in the northern hemisphere, it is the summer solstice.  It’s the longest day of the year and the shortest night. It’s one of the built in shifting points in the rhythm of our universe—a magical moment when light and dark start swaying towards a new direction. For me, the solstice is a metaphoric tipping point.  It’s a point in time when I look at what I’m doing and decide if I need to change my course.    

I’m part of a dedicated critique group.  We meet every two weeks for most of the year, but right around the summer solstice we take a short hiatus.  Life seems to get in the way of writing during the heat of the summer, but I also think it is a time to give our manuscripts and writing dreams a chance to germinate. 
One of my critique partners has dabbled in illustrating.  He's a writer, who likes to make pictures.  He would be the first to tell you he's not an illustrator.  His vision of what the illustrations for his story might look like is often as engaging as his writing. 

Like all experienced writers, he understands that it is the illustrator who decides on the picturesbut he really can’t stop himself from thinking about how his story might be illustrated.  At our last meeting, I challenged him to abandon his keyboard during our break and instead of writing, just “play” with illustrating. 

I believe we all need an occasional change in direction.  A time to explore a new genre, try on a new style or experiment with another form of creative expression.  Why not give yourself a brief pause from writing and see what you discover?  Imagine the possibilities.  Use the solstice, as a writing tipping point to change up what you do.  You never know what inspiration you’ll discover while making sand sculptures along the ocean or penning a new haiku!

       Longer nights coming
                The shift of summer solstice
Unveils a new me .

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