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Why I chose to self-publish

Like any beginning author, I wish I could have been published through a traditional publisher; and if I were twenty years younger with my manuscript and illustrations in hand, I would not have been so quick to self-publish my Bible storybook, The Creation. To understand why I self-publish my own book, one needs to understand my vision for Bible quilts.

The Creation is illustrated with hand appliquéd quilt picture blocks. My vision for my books is also a vision for Bible quilts as I believe that in using them children will be inspired to point to their favorite pictures on the quilt and ask to hear the story at bedtime. So while I am working to market my book, I am also studying a variety of ways to make Bible quilts doable as well.

Before I published my book I personally saw one editor's eyes light up when she saw my quilt blocks. I also received a glowing rejection letter from another editor who bragged on my book but then explained that they already had a children's book about the creation and they couldn't justify publishing a second book on the same subject.

At my age (over 60) with eyes that have always been weak, I know that I must be working on new book illustrations instead of waiting for the slow wheels to turn in the traditional publishing industry. And I didn't need to waste my time creating a book and illustrations that would be rejected because they already had something similar.

Because I am computer savvy as well, I took on the additional task of doing my own layout, and submitted my book directly to a book printer. I did seek the assistance of a qualified professional who found a great price for a book printer and pointed me in the right direction in other ways. I also received critiques and editorial assistance from several people on both the text and the illustrations before sending my files to the printer.

If I had it to do over, I would still self-publish. I would order fewer books for the first printing, because as a new and unknown author, store managers have not put my books on the shelves, even though the title is available to them in their book catalogs. I am still weighing out in my mind whether I should try POD instead of off-set printing on my next book.

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