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Increase Your Productivity with a Writing Challenge: WOW - Week of Writing Non-Fiction Picture Books

My critique group keeps me motivated.  We meet every other week and are expected to submit something (no matter how short) for review.  As summer rolls around, we're all ready for a break and take July and August off. 

This year, I feel the need to keep working.  I’m most productive when I have external structures built in to help push me along, so I’ve decided to participate in WOW.  From July 1st to July 7th WOW (Week of Writing) participants are challenged to write a new picture book manuscript every day.  Kristin Fulton, author and organizer of WOW challenges writers to spend one week in which they “perfect, hone and produce great Non-Fiction Picture Books. This includes True Non-Fiction (Biographies and Historical events as well as How-To books and information or reference books), Faction (Facts presented in a fictitious way), and of course Historical Fiction (totally fictitious story based on real people, real events or real places).”  The challenge has daily check-ins to help keep you writing.

I'm spending this week brainstorming, so I’ll be ready to roll…or write on July 1st. How about you?  Are you up for the challenge?  For more information about this challenge check out .   Let's WOW!

Mary Jo Guglielmo is writer and intuitive life coach. For more information check out   or folllow her at:  

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