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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Business Models That Make Writers Rich

My profession, graphic design, is a service based profession so I trade dollars for hours. That means if I don’t have billable hours, I don’t get a paycheck. However, some of my lowest income months are usually my busiest? I work all the time and get paid nothing for it.

How is that possible?

It is. And it still happens to many other talented designers and writers.

Is there an alternative? Of course. I know plenty of professionals who earn more than me and work the same hours if not less. The difference between us isn’t the marketing effort. The difference is in the business model.

Their business model allows for less time waste as it maximizes profit or at least keeps it steady.

In my e-book called “Writing for Profit” I am exploring some of the most profitable business models for people like us – designers, writers, authors and information marketers.

You can download a free version of it on our website

I am releasing it to my community of Writers on the Move
as a pilot project.

Any feedback on the content and graphics would be extremely valuable.

Very truly yours,


Fani Nicheva is a graphic designer and a writer who works on books, corporate & product identities, writer's brands and personal projects. Visit her work at Bigfish Smallpond Design or read her on

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