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Write a Romance!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the perfect day for a little romance.

So why not try your hand at writing a romantic short story?

If you read romance novels or romantic short stories, you’re already familiar with the “formula” most of them follow.

It’s quite simple really.

The formula is just, “together, apart, together.”

That just means a couple meets and is attracted to each other (they get “together).

But as they get to know each other something happens that pulls them apart (so naturally this is the “apart” component of the formula).

An old flame, an argument, or a compromising situation can all lead to a couple pulling apart.

But, since all romance readers love a happy ending, something else needs to happen in your story that helps the couple get back together.

So, that’s the basic formula - "together, apart, together."

Now...Start Writing Your Own Romantic Story

To start writing a short romance, come up with your main character – usually a young woman.

Put her in a situation where she will meet a young man.

Actually, she may already know the young man, but something will need to happen to cause her to see him differently now, in a more romantic way than she has before.

Now, bring the couple together and let them be happy for a while, until…

Something happens that threatens their relationship and they either decide to take some time apart or they break up altogether.

Just be sure they are both miserable while they are apart.

Next, create something that happens to bring them back together.

Sounds easy, right?

But there is more to writing a compelling romance than just the storyline using this formula.

Your characters must also be engaging and likeable (at least to some extent).

You must include dialogue that rings true and serves to move the action forward.

And, of course, you must use a variety of sensory details throughout your story to bring the setting, action, and the characters to life.

To Get Good at Writing Romance

The best way to get really good at writing romance is to practice, practice, practice writing romance, of course.

But it’s also a good idea to read, read, read the types of romantic stories you wish to write.

Do you like historical romance?

Then read plenty of historical romance novels.

Do you enjoy paranormal romance?

Then read widely in this romantic sub genre.

But since today is Valentine’s Day, spend a little time today coming up with an interesting storyline using the formula I’ve described here.

Then flesh out this storyline to create a romantic short story.

As you continue reading romance, you can always go back to the story you create today and make it better and better until, finally, it’s ready for publication.

Try it!

Suzanne Lieurance is the author of more than 30 published books, a freelance writer, and the Working Writer's Coach.

She publishes The Morning Nudge, a short email for writers and other creative types, every weekday morning.

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